News on the play front

Got some excellent news concerning my play One Bear Lake. There are two versions of the play: A 10 minute version, and a full-length version. I am excited to announce that both versions will be produced in local Charleston theaters.

On May 6 and 7, One Bear Lake, as well as six other 10 minute plays will be performed at South of Broadway Theatre’s PlayFest. Unlike in previous years, these won’t be staged readings. All the plays will be performed without the scripts in hand. I attended the first rehearsal, and I was grinning the whole time. The actors are phenomenal, and the direction is in the exceptional hands of Linda Eisen. Here’s the astonishing part. Tickets to see these seven plays are only $5.00. That’s insane!  Beer, wine, and other refreshments will be available at reasonable prices, as well. You can’t not go if you life in the Charleston area. Here’s a link to purchase tickets in advance: PlayFest 2016


In January of 2017, the full-length version of One Bear Lake will get a real, honest to goodness production by the good folks at 5th Wall Productions. It will be co-directed by the talented duo of Blair Cadden and Jason Olson, the founders and head honchos of the theater.  Cast ideas have been bandied about, but nothing is set in stone yet. I will keep you posted as things progress.

bear1117 (1).png

It’s very special to me that these two theaters will be producing the two versions of the play. I developed the 10 minute version through Second Sunday’s at 7, a playwrights group that meets at South of Broadway Theatre, and I developed the full-length version at 5th Wall Productions’ Writers Bloc program, and  additionally, a special staged reading in their theater.  In other words, the supportive and talented group of artists that helped me shape the two versions of the play are the same ones that will be involved in the productions. You can’t ask for a better community than that.

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