Yes, it’s true. I’m leaving Charleston.

wp-image-1078775557jpg.jpgI’ve lived in Charleston for 21 years. It’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere by 15 years. But I am moving on to Connecticut to reunite with my best friend and love of my life. We’ve been apart for 8 months, and we’ve spent that time getting to know each other again over the phone, email, and Skype. It’s time for the second draft of this play. Same cast. Significant rewrite.

I didn’t think I’d be sad to leave this tiny house, but I am. I’ve spent the best years of my life here. I’ve written about 14 novels, a half-dozen screenplays and a handful of stage plays. It’s my writing den.

More updates to follow, but I have got to get back to packing up. BTW – Anyone want to buy a living room set, bedroom set, and office set?


A new C. Hoyt Caldwell Interview



The “Real” C. Hoyt Caldwell


I loved doing this interview because the questions weren’t the typical “author’ questions. Nobody has ever asked me what is the one book I would require the president to read. The one problem with the interview is that they used an ancient picture of me that I created to disguise my true identity when I first invented C. Hoyt Caldwell. Because C. Hoyt can be excessively vulgar, I wanted to separate my two “author” identities. I gave up on the notion about a year into the experiment and let my freak flag fly. I’m posting my real C. Hoyt photo here to counteract the trauma of seeing that old photo.

Here’s a partial answer to my answer to the question: “What scene in Savage Reckoning was your favorite to write?”

It’s technically two scenes. I initially wrote it as one but broke it up into two parts in rewrites. It features Step and his girlfriend, Bones, in his house. Calling it my favorite makes me sound like a horrible person because it focuses on how tragic their lives are, but as a writer, exploring the destruction of a character’s life can be liberating. It gives you the illusion of knowing how real life works.

You can read the rest of the interview here: Interview with C. Hoyt Caldwell, author of Savage Reckoning

As always, Savage Reckoning is available as an e-book at the following online retailers:

C. Hoyt Caldwell Interview

crimenovelistAccording to OmniMystery News, I’m a crime novelist. I like the sound of that. It makes me sound like I know what the hell I’m doing. Here’s a link to an interview I did with them recently where I try to explain what it is I write about: A Conversation with Crime Novelist C. Hoyt Caldwell

Savage Reckoning is available at the following retailers:

What reviewers have to say:

“…there were numerous twists and turns along the journey that made it all a highly addictive read from start to finish.” – Carrie G

“Grab your favorite beverage, set back, and enjoy several hours of riveting entertainment.” – Vera’s Book Reviews and Stuff

“Savage Reckoning took me by surprise. I did not think that I would enjoy the book as much as I did. But, I found myself quite taking with both the story and the characters. Dani is a fantastic character and I love her colorful past and I especially hope to read more books with her (and several of the other characters in this book), The book is great, action-filled, amusing, mysterious and heartbreaking.” – Marablaise

“A strange story that grows in intensity and suspense as you read it. The characters are drawn from the hills, but represent people that have much in common with all of us. Dani is a deputy who uncovers a deep problem that involves people at high levels throughout the world. I enjoyed watching the development of the character called Step, who probably is key to the whole plot. This is a keeper!” – Kayak Jay


After the Hurricane (Images)

I made a choice to stay in Charleston, SC and ride out Hurricane Matthew. I wish I had an engaging story full of danger and intrigue, but the truth is I slept through it. It was a very uneventful hurricane. I did get up the next day and walk the neighborhood with my camera. I give you shots from Hurricane Matthew, Charleston Edition


But Someone Loves Me

i_love_gritty_tile_coasterMothers may hate me, but I am getting some love like from other reviewers. This review of Savage Reckoning comes from Just Talking Books.

What I liked: The setting, the characters, the sad plot but most of all the writing. Mr. Caldwell is an artist with words. The pictures he paints make you feel as if you’re right there as he’s writing it. I had never read anything by him before and as I mentioned, the reader will need to be in the mood for Savage Reckoning.

You can read the rest of the review by clicking below:

Mothers Hate Me

You Better Listen To Your Mama!

You’ve got some s’plaing to do, C. Hoyt!

Before I get into the bones of this blog post, let me make it perfectly clear that I understand that criticism comes with the territory of being a writer. Bad reviews are bound to be delivered, and for the most part, I receive them well. I hold nothing against anyone who doesn’t like something I write. This post isn’t a *criticism of the horrible woman who called Savage Reckoning “garbage” on Amazon. (I feel compelled to point out that the use of “horrible” was a total joke. I shouldn’t have crossed it out… That was a joke, too.) She is entitled to her opinion. I’ve been writing and publishing since 2005. I’ve gotten good reviews, bad reviews, and puzzling reviews, like the time someone simply posted “Got a free copy. Didn’t have time to read it. It looks like something I would have enjoyed” and then gave it a one-star rating. It was as if the reader was punishing me because she didn’t have time to read my book. What makes it even more puzzling is the fact that she wasn’t on a deadline. Not sure why she felt like she ran out of time.

The reason I titled this post “Mothers Hate Me” is because the two worst reviews I’ve received in 11 years both came from readers who identified themselves as mothers. In 2008, a mother of teen boys posted the following about The Pure.

Terrible………My teen boys love to read so I am always looking for a good series. I typed in teen fiction and this series popped so I bought all of them. After they were almost done with the series, I asked them what it was about. By the time their description was over I felt like I wanted to throw up. What had I subjected them to? I couldn’t believe the gore details they described. Sure that I had not subjected my Sons to this type of disgusting reading, I had them read aloud. I made them stop and took the books away. I cannot believe that these were in the teen section. Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts……….I’m so full of regret that I had ever bought these. The series should not be listed anywhere near teens. In fact, it should be labelled with a parental advisory. I think I’ll burn the books. I will use much more discretion with my selections from now on!

I filled this woman with regret because of my evilness. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. And, she wants to burn my books. I could not be more honored.

The latest mother who hates me didn’t think I was evil. My lack of talent and attack on hillbillies filled her with regret.

This was astoundingly poor quality. Try to imagine a Quentin Tarantino movie, but without any random attractive women or cutesy dialogue.

Just kidding. That’s actually a review of one of my favorite books, No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. It goes without saying that I strongly disagree, and I post it here for a reason. Opinions are not right or wrong. As an artist, you can’t take them personally. True, some reviews seem personal, but when people are moved to review a book or movie or any piece of art, they are going to express themselves with passion.That passion, when it is cast in a negative review, can come off as personal.

Here is what Mommy of Many on Amazon said about Savage Reckoning:

I received a digital copy of this book free via Netgalley.

This has to be one of the worst books I’ve read in a while. The writing is bad. The characters are bad. The story could have been ok but the writing and the characters dragged it down. It’s listed as a thriller but the only thing thrilling was being finished and trying to forget that I’d wasted hours of my life on this garbage. Far from being an edge-of-your-seat thriller, there was some mystery but the book was just so bad that I didn’t even care what was behind the disappearances.

If you’re the kind of person who believes that everyone in the south are hillbillies and you like to make fun of that, then you might find this book enjoyable. Otherwise, save yourself a few hours and skip it.

I tried to include a couple of quotes to demonstrate just how ludicrous this book is but by the time I filtered out all the words that Amazon was blocking, the quotes really lost their impact. Just download the sample and keep in mind, it only gets worse.

OUCH! The nicest thing she said is the “story could have been okay.” She is from Georgia, so I completely understand her lack of reading comprehension. ZING! Just kidding. Honestly, she’s not wrong. I do make fun of Southerners. I am a Southerner. It’s kind of what I do. We are a goofy people. I find our faults endlessly entertaining. But my protagonist is also Southern, and she’s smart as hell.

Here’s the point if you’re an author reading this. Embrace your bad reviews. They are badges of courage. Yes, Mommy of Many came off as kind of a dick, but to be fair, I wasted hours of her life. Who can blame her? I’d be a little pissy, too.  Besides, Savage Reckoning is  extremely profane, disturbingly violent, and extremely twisted. It would totally destroy my backwoods cred if someone who calls herself Mommy endorsed it. Frankly, my own mother probably would have hated it.

* – Okay, so maybe I was a little critical of Mommy of Many, but I seriously don’t hold her review against her. I was just having a little fun. It’s her opinion, and she’s entitled to it.  Have a good life, Mommy of Many.  Whatever you do, do not read book two. It features a “hickbilly’ (not to be confused with hillbilly) fucking a horse. I’m assuming that’s not your cup of tea.



Savage Reckoning: A Backwoods Justice Novel has its day of reckoning! Official Release Date!

cropped-facebook-banner-savage-reckoning2.pngThe day has arrived! Only time will tell if my publisher made a good investment! Savage Reckoning is now available to read! Can’t wait to hear your feedback! As always, I appreciate everyone’s support!

Savage Reckoning is available download at the following online retailers.

Savage Reckoning Review – Day 6

cropped-facebook-banner-savage-reckoning2.pngCrunch time has arrived! Tomorrow, Oct. 4, is the official release of Savage Reckoning: A Backwoods Justice Novel. Today’s Partial review comes from Book Bum.

As soon as we met Step and Kenny talking about anal sex, I knew I was going to love this novel, (that sounds all kinds of wrong)…

This is by no means a sophisticated, thought provoking novel, it’s just pure grit, humour with a couple of inciteful anecdotes, “Each woman’s got a different ‘forget-shit’ trigger, Kenny. A man’s whole goddamn purpose in life is to figure out that trigger and pull it”, mashed together to make an excellent, fun and exciting read. Each character, no matter how small or large their role in the story, was developed brilliantly and although there were some obvious parts of the plot it didn’t even matter because you’re having too much fun reading it to care about the fact you can guess what happens next.

Genuinely one of the funniest novels I’ve read in such a long time even if it does deal with some pretty gruesome stuff. Anyone bored of meaningful, eye-opening type thrillers? Well pick this one up as your next book to help loosen you up a bit. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more from Kenny and Step!

Savage Reckoning is available for pre-order now at the following online retailers.

Savage Reckoning Review – Day 5

cropped-facebook-banner-savage-reckoning2.pngOct 2! We are approaching crunch time for the release of Savage Reckoning: A Backwoods Justice Novel.  Today’s partial review comes from one called Carrie.  Carrie rightly points out that this book is about lowlifes, and it contains a lot of profanity and some disturbing violence.  But, it’s fairly tame when compared to the presidential election ( I added that last part).

Savage Reckoning is not going to be for everyone since there’s a lot of language and a lot of low life activity in this backwoods town. But for those that wouldn’t mind that sort of thing what you will find in this book is a lot of colorful characters that are completely brought to life to where it feels like you’ve stepped right into the story.

Step and Kenny are true to what you would expect of low life thugs but strangely the pair was almost addicting and likable once the story got going. Dani is a strong young woman stuck in a man’s world that you couldn’t help but root for. And with this story there were numerous twists and turns along the journey that made it all a highly addictive read from start to finish.

Overall, yes, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out if you can tolerate the language and criminal behavior involved.

Savage Reckoning is available for pre-order now at the following online retailers.

Savage Reckoning Review – Day 4

cropped-facebook-banner-savage-reckoning2.pngToday is Oct. 1, which can mean only one thing… it could actually mean a multitude of things, but on this blog it means we are three days away from the release of Savage Reckoning: A Backwoods Justice Novel. Today’s partial review comes from Shelby who apparently trains flying monkeys. I have a special affinity for Shelby’s review because it is accompanied by a slew of GIFs and JPEGs, a few from one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

I loved this book. It might not be high-brow literature but I was completely entertained the whole time of reading it. It’s funny in spots and even managed to make me have a few feelings there for a minute.
I’m giving it all the stars.

Savage Reckoning is available for pre-order now at the following online retailers.