Savage Reckoning Review – Day 5

cropped-facebook-banner-savage-reckoning2.pngOct 2! We are approaching crunch time for the release of Savage Reckoning: A Backwoods Justice Novel.  Today’s partial review comes from one called Carrie.  Carrie rightly points out that this book is about lowlifes, and it contains a lot of profanity and some disturbing violence.  But, it’s fairly tame when compared to the presidential election ( I added that last part).

Savage Reckoning is not going to be for everyone since there’s a lot of language and a lot of low life activity in this backwoods town. But for those that wouldn’t mind that sort of thing what you will find in this book is a lot of colorful characters that are completely brought to life to where it feels like you’ve stepped right into the story.

Step and Kenny are true to what you would expect of low life thugs but strangely the pair was almost addicting and likable once the story got going. Dani is a strong young woman stuck in a man’s world that you couldn’t help but root for. And with this story there were numerous twists and turns along the journey that made it all a highly addictive read from start to finish.

Overall, yes, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out if you can tolerate the language and criminal behavior involved.

Savage Reckoning is available for pre-order now at the following online retailers.

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