The truth about locker room talk

raw-locker-roomsI’m going to write this in a word-salad manner so Trump supporters can understand.

Trump Translation: I’m going to use words, so many words, beautiful words. When I tell you these words, you won’t believe, there have never been words like this, used like this, the meaning, you can’t imagine, I’m telling you.

I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms in my day, so many locker rooms, the number of naked male genitals, penises, you know what I mean. I saw one, huge, very impressive, I mean I didn’t look, it was just there, what could I do? I had to, I mean it was a very big, beautiful penis. And I’m not gay, I mean look at my hands. You can tell. You can tell. I like women. I do. But there are no women in men’s locker rooms. You know what else hasn’t been in any locker room that I’ve ever spent time in, talk about sexually assaulting a woman.  Never. Not once. Zero times. When I was a teenager and maybe even on into my early twenties, we’re talking very young, so young, I had hair back then, not much, but I had some, each one, so beautiful. When I tell you I had very few but beautiful hairs, you can’t imagine. When I was young, there was, I mean we did objectify the female body, we used words like tits and pussy and ass. We did. We just did. Looking back, it’s not something, we don’t, I at least don’t think of that kind of talk fondly. What we didn’t do, I’m talking never, not once, zero times, did we ever describe how we’d like to sexually assault, rape or grope a female person. That’s, I mean you understand that’s a criminal act, right? It’s violence, so much violence. It’s, I mean that’s disgusting.

Translation for non-Trump supporters: Let’s be perfectly clear. Men do not objectify women. Boys may but not a real man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against profanity. I use it. Frequently. I fucking love it.  But neither man nor boy has every bragged about sexually assaulting a woman in any locker room that I have ever been in. They’ve never discussed how they enjoy violating a woman, abusing a woman, or fondling a woman without her consent. Normal males do not do that. Men with a criminal disregard for women may, but I’ve never shared a locker room with an asshole like that.

To be completely transparent, in my role as an author, I have written about the female form. I’ve written about rape. And many other acts of violence. I’ve done so not out of a desire to do so. I’ve done it to reflect a culture that includes psychopaths like Donald J. Trump. I don’t write stories that make you feel warm and fuzzy. I try to write stories that open your eyes and challenge your belief system.  I consider myself an artist. One who will never run for public office.

So, to Trump I say, stop indicting every man by saying all men talk that way when they’re with other men. It’s just patently false. I have no doubt that you have committed multiple acts of violence against women over your lifetime, and you have frequently bragged about it to cowards who were too scared to act on the information and report you to the authorities. Why do I believe that? Because that very scenario was caught on tape. Pretend it was just bawdy talk all you want, but like most things that come out of your mouth, that’s a big fat fucking lie.

If anyone who reads this says, “Yeah, but Bill Clinton…” Stop. If your defense of a man who’s bragged about sexually assaulting women is to point out that women have accused the husband of his political opponent of rape, you’ve already lost the argument. It doesn’t negate Trump’s violence against women in the slightest. It just means he and Bill are no different. I’m a Bernie supporter who never cast a single vote for Bill Clinton, so your point means nothing to me. What matters to me, is that the GOP nominee is an admitted abuser of women. He’s openly confessed to a crime. And the saddest thing is people are trying to justify his crime by saying every man does it. Fuck you. This man doesn’t. Nor do any of the men I know personally.


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