A new C. Hoyt Caldwell Interview



The “Real” C. Hoyt Caldwell


I loved doing this interview because the questions weren’t the typical “author’ questions. Nobody has ever asked me what is the one book I would require the president to read. The one problem with the interview is that they used an ancient picture of me that I created to disguise my true identity when I first invented C. Hoyt Caldwell. Because C. Hoyt can be excessively vulgar, I wanted to separate my two “author” identities. I gave up on the notion about a year into the experiment and let my freak flag fly. I’m posting my real C. Hoyt photo here to counteract the trauma of seeing that old photo.

Here’s a partial answer to my answer to the question: “What scene in Savage Reckoning was your favorite to write?”

It’s technically two scenes. I initially wrote it as one but broke it up into two parts in rewrites. It features Step and his girlfriend, Bones, in his house. Calling it my favorite makes me sound like a horrible person because it focuses on how tragic their lives are, but as a writer, exploring the destruction of a character’s life can be liberating. It gives you the illusion of knowing how real life works.

You can read the rest of the interview here: Interview with C. Hoyt Caldwell, author of Savage Reckoning

As always, Savage Reckoning is available as an e-book at the following online retailers:

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