An Open Letter to my President-Elect



Lead or get out of the way

Dear President-Elect Trump:


You are going to be criticized harshly for the next four years. You’ve created a dynamic that calls for you to be questioned for every statement and policy move you make. Your speeches are filled with inflammatory remarks. Your tweets are overtly combative and filled with personal attacks against your critics. As it is now, your behavior is deservedly condemned by public officials and private individuals. You can bully your way into being feared, but you can’t bully your way into being respected.

If you want to be respected, you can start by shutting your attack dogs down. Whenever you are criticized, your rabid followers react irrationally. They issue death threats, following your example of fear and intimidation to shut down dissent. These people, your avid supporters, are cowards. You aren’t leading them. You’re feeding hate to crazed idiots who can’t think for themselves.  I’m calling on you to step up and take control of this fringe element. Be a leader.  Stop fueling their contempt and paranoia and be presidential. It will take more than you looking into a camera and dispassionately saying, “Stop it.” You need to call a press conference or devote a series of tweets to the cowardice of responding to dissent with the promise of bodily harm and/or death. If you can’t lead your own followers, I have little faith that you can lead this country.


An Amerian Embarrassed by the Example My President-Elect Sets


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my President-Elect

  1. It saddens me to read this. Being a fan of your OZ Chronicles I’ve followed your work but after reading this and being called a “coward”, “a crazed idiot who can’t think for themselves” just because I don’t see your side of the political world makes it hard to stay interested in your work. I’ve wrote excellent reviews on your work on Amazon, but since you consider me a “idiot” those reviews mean nothing. It truly saddens me and hurts me.

  2. Unless you are part of the “fringe” element that’s threatened the opposition with violence, I’m not talking about you. This wasn’t directed at all Trump supporters. I don’t understand your choice, but you’re entitled to it.

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