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R.W. Ridley, C. Hoyt Caldwell, Bearded Wonder

I am an author with the mind of Megan Fox and the body of Albert Einstein. I’ve won awards for my books, but modesty prevents me from telling you how incredibly important that is to you and every living person on the planet.  I never exaggerate.  I’m planning on buying Mt. Everest, and moving it three inches back.  I’ve created a charity to raise money to find an alternative to rectal exams.  I’ve invited myself to speak in front of congress about the insidious nature of the letter ‘K,’ but every congressman whose name starts with the letter ‘K’ has blackballed me. I just don’t trust a letter that is either silent or redundant, both in use and in nature.  I’m currently trying to invent a new word for monosyllabic because I hate irony.  Ironically, I’m totally comfortable with incongruity.  If you buy my books, it will make you better looking and smarter.  If you tell five people to buy my books, you will grow taller and younger.  If one million people buys my books, I will appear better looking, smarter, taller and younger.  This is a win-win situation people.  I’m kind of ticked you’ve been dragging your feet on this thing.  It’s almost like you’re afraid of success… I should probably take this opportunity to tell you that I tend to ramble when it comes to writing my bio, and I sometimes lash out.  You clearly aren’t the problem.  I blame all my troubles on the fact that Mt. Everest is too far forward.  (Now it’s all starting to make sense, isn’t it!).

In closing, I have a beautiful wife, a hyperactive dog, two arrogant cats, and one ugly mortgage.

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20 thoughts on “About

  1. I read with interest your article in the BookSurge June Newsletter.
    I have been unable to locate your Blog.
    How many books have you sold as a result of your blog??
    I am an author of 4 books.
    Thank you

  2. Ray, it’s really hard to say how many books I’ve sold as a result of my blog. I’ve had a blog in some form or another for about a year and a half. I’ve had other elements to my marketing strategy in play at the same time. I never use the blog to overtly sell books. I really use it as a platform to create relationships with readers and hopefully have them go out and tell friends and family about my book.

    Glad to see you found my blog. Tell me about your books.

  3. Hi R.W.,

    I’m trying to find your contact information so I can tell you that you won my TwitterMyFaceTube contest. Send me a note at dennis.cass@gmail.com and claim your prize.



  4. Sorry for the intrusion, but I think I went to colllege (briefly) with your wife, Marianna. Was she at SUNY in 198*? Did she once worry about visiting me in Vista, NY, because she was afraid of the critters in the country? Did she go to London and Italy with me, then Martha, and Mati? Was she one of my bridesmaids when I married Trip in 198*? If she did and was, and if she’d like to reconnect, please ask her to email me. I’d be thrilled if your “beautiful Italian from Brooklyn” is my dear friend, Marianna.

  5. Hi Richard Riley,
    Thanks for our Marketing session last Thursday AM. You had many good ideas, and promised to e-mail me your Marketing Links, etc. Have not received these as yet. Do you have my e-mail address? I appreciate your expertise!
    Thanks, Sybil

  6. Just reread your Booksurge article on blogging. It helped me set up my blog 3 months ago, and it is a huge help – had two interviews so far.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Oh, and I think the Kindle idea is hella-tight (as my 10 year would say). Good luck with it!

    Alon Shalev

    Countdown to a Novel Published

  7. Nice name, Mr. Ridley. Where are you from?

  8. Howdy Richard. Good to see you here. We met at BEA in NYC and exchanged signed books. My website and blog are at http://www.duskbeforethedawn.net. I’m almost done with book 2, just getting and incorporating feedback from my first readers.


  9. Larry, I remember you. You’re my one and only Amazon friend I’ve actually met in real life! Glad to see you are still writing. Loved your first book.

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  12. Mr. Ridley,
    I would just like to say I love the Oz Chronicles. I recently got a kindle and I’ve been searching from some adventure/post apocalyptic genres. I read the summary of ‘The Takers’ and I immediately wanted to read it because of Oz’s hometown. It was really cool reading about end of the world events from a small town perspective. I’m from Lincoln County, Tn, so seeing Tullahoma in book of this genre was awsome!

    Can’t wait for book five!

  13. I recently finished all the books you have published on kindle in 4 days because i couldn’t put them down. It has been a long time since I have read something I truly enjoy so thanks for that. And now, since i am searching for my next great book, I’ve taken to reading your blog. And following you on Twitter. And forcing all 3 of my friends to read your books. Thanks for making me happy and less productive!!

    • Ha! And you made me happy with your comment. I hope your 3 friends enjoy the books. I’ll be trying something new with a supplement to the Oz books over next couple of weeks, so stay stuned! Thanks again for your very kind words. They really are appreciated.

  14. Just started reading “The Takers.” Stunned to find Tullahoma, TN on pg 13. We moved there from MO in 1984 & have also lived in Manchester, now in Beechgrove, TN. Why Tullahoma?

    Enjoying the story very much so far!

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