The Closeout Kings Audiobook

I talked to Nate Daniels, the narrator for Bad Way Out, and it looks like he’ll be narrating The Closeout Kings. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Nate is an exceptional talent, and as I’ve said many times, if you’re an author looking for voice talent for an audiobook, contact Nate. You won’t find a more talented or gracious person to work with.

Here’s a sample of Dan reading Bad Way Out:

Breaking Bad Nuts and a Call for Beta Readers

How does a below (way below, like seriously below) mid-list author unwind after a day of editing? By watching an episode of Breaking Bad and coming up with an idea for a stupid video that will make him look like a clinically disturbed idiot, that’s how!

BTW – MY paper edit is done.  I have to apply the edits to the word document, and then my gorgeous editor will give it a read.  I’d like to enlist 5-10 beta readers for The Closeout Kings.    Before you say yes, remember that this is a C. Hoyt Caldwell book not an R.W. Ridley book.  Things are vulgar and offensive in C. Hoyt’s world.  Let me know if you’re interested either in the comments section below or via Facebook.

My favorite Bad Way Out audiobook excerpt

I’m going to be posting segments from a quick little interview I did with Dan Wallace, the narrator for the audiobook version of Bad Way Out.  I’ll probably get it on the blog on Saturday.  Until then, here’s the segment of the book that Dan captured beautifully.  While it has no official name, I’ve dubbed it The Party.  When Dan reaches the pivotal moment in this scene, I still get a little emotional by his perfect read.  I’ll let you, the listener, guess what that pivotal moment is.



What Book Seven looks and sounds like in my head

Book Seven is still months away from being published, but that doesn’t mean my head isn’t swimming with images of Oz and the gang.  In fact, this video demonstrates what I see and hear every time I turn my attention to the last book in the Oz Chronicles.

It is so wrong for me to be this excited about a movie… about turtles!

Okay so they’re mutant and ninjas, but that’s still no reason for an intelligent 48-year-old man with no kids to get so excited about their upcoming movie.  The fact that they’re teenagers alone should keep me from seeing this movie, but I’ll see it, and most likely by myself in an attempt to hide my shame.


The scariest 2:42 you’ll spend today or tomorrow or the next day

This short film by David F. Sandberg had me on the edge of my office chair.  It’s called Lights Out, and my advice is to keep the lights on while watching this… Actually just keep them on.  Never, ever turn them off again.

Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.