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35 thoughts on “Email me! Follow me! Friend me! Love me!

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  3. Hi I am 13 years old. I am doing a book report on De’Lon City. My report topic is about what I think a theme song would be for this book. but was wondering if you had any music in mind when writing this book?

  4. Excellent question, Jeremy. I listen to a variety of music when I write, but Pink Floyd seems to play in my mind when I think of Oz and the gang. I think Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd fits Delon City, because the world looks normal in the beginning and Oz has to decide if he is going to trade his humanity to be king of the Delons. I found this video of the song on Youtube:

  5. are they planning on making a movie based on your story? cause its da bomb!

  6. favorite author. guess what? i just finished de’lon city 2 day. great book so was the takers!

  7. i ordered the pure does stevie dayton come back?

  8. i would punch the general if he did that to my dogs. tarek and de’lon keeper need 2 meet each other.

  9. Jeremy, I’ve talked to a couple of film guys about a movie, but as I’m finding, these things take time. Who knows? I’ll try to make it happen one way or another. In the mean time, feel free to work on your own movie version! 🙂 I have a feeling we’ll see Stevie again at some point. I appreciate your interest, and keep your eye out for Lost Days. That’s a new book I’m working on. I’m going to be giving out free copies of the book and I’ll have a drawing for a laptop computer. Tell your mom I’ll send her a Facebook invitation to join the Lost Days group.

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  14. I want to thank you for the mature, balanced way you are reporting on the Ketchum research project. So many other bloggers are focusing on rumor and speculation. I appreciate your more professional and reasoned approach.

    • Well, I have to admit that the rumors and speculation is what drew me into the story, but after doing some research I could see a pattern among the stories. They all seemed to becoming from the same source and they seemed unnecessarily speculative on Dr. Ketchum’s character. I don’t know her, but the fact that she’s not responding gives me the indication that she doesn’t want to get involved in mud slingining, which I think says way more about her quality of character than the unfounded rumors that have been popping up.

  15. Hi:
    I have a question about some characters in the Chronicles of Oz…the puppies in book one. They weren’t in the subsequent books….or were they the dogs in The Pure with Bones?

  16. I loved the first five books of the oz chronicles. I have not enjoyed a series this much since Harry Potter. Yes Oz is in the same catagory as Harry!! Thank you for bringing another wonderful charactor into my life. When can I expext book six? Im chopping at the bit ( maybe im a Delon` ?) For the next book?

    • Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m truly humbled by your kind words. I don’t have a hard release date yet for Book Six. But I can say I’m hard at work on on it. I’ll post updates on the blog periodically, so keep an eye out.

  17. I read your article about Hugh Howey on his page and decided to get The Takers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Read it in one sitting- except for getting up to make sure my doors and windows were locked and to get Oreos. I don’t even like Oreos. That must be proof of how well you write. Right?

    • Ha – That’s awesome. I should have written something about Hugh a long time ago. People have been visiting the blog all day. Thanks for reading The Takers and your kind comments.

  18. When will the 6th book of the Oz Chronicles come out??? Love the whole series.

    • I’m going to give a do or die date tomorrow on the blog. I’m going to put together a realistic schedule today that includes editing and rewrites and design, blah, blah, blah.

      Thank you for loving Oz!

  19. I sent your article on CreateSpace about writing an author bio to the author of a book we are publishing. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and share with you what she came up with (the best author bio, aside from yours of course, that I have seen). Here it is:

    Martha Gabler lives in a suburb of Washington DC with her wonderful husband Eric and two sons. When the younger son was three years old, AUTISM entered their lives. The End. The Beginning.

  20. I dare you to buy **The Complete Wardstone Trilogy** and read and review it. It is just 1.99 currently and I wrote the whole trilogy in a maximum security prison cell. I completed the trilogy BEFORE I knew how to type, or even owned a computer, yet it is as highly acclaimed as MOST published fantasy that is younger than ten years old. I am not mad about this (your) post, or any that stemmed from my argument with Fantasy Faction, but by the definition of a publishing house (producing over 8 titles a year under separate pen names, M.R.Mathias books are as published as King, Patterson, Goodkind, Brooks, Martin, etc…. My point is, you posted this without knowing me, or READING my books. Now Two years later, I am still here with four fantasy series, and all of them in a genre bestseller list or three. I have been ranked as high as #10 in fantasy authors at Amazon. PLEASE have the honor, and integrity to counteract the damage that the ass-clowns at Fantasy Faction did (with the help of posts like this) All I ask is that you spend 1.99 for two thousand pages and read them from start to finish and submit an honest review here and at Amazon. . After you have done that, I will tweet, and promote your work/blog with my 400k twitter followers and through my other channels. It is a better deal for you. All I want is your HONOR. You pay 1.99 AND EVEN IF YOUR REVIEW TRASHES ME, I WILL ADVERTISE YOU TO ALL MY FOLLOWERSIREADERS, AND IT IS OBVIOUS I HAVE MANY OF THEM!. Thanks, M.R.

  21. I posted the previous comment because after the Fantasy Faction fiasco your email was noted. If you did not attack me durring that time, we are cool, but still. The offer standsaa. Read and review 2k pages for just 1.99 and get a shit ton of free promotion to READERS!

  22. Hi! I’m a huge fan of the Oz Chronicles. I would love to send you an email or letter because I have a few questions. What is your E-mail or address?


  23. I check in every few months hoping for an Oz return, any word on him or direction on the blog I may have missed?

  24. не работает

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