Vote Walken

The mainstream media would have you believe that this election is over.  That a certain charismatic candidate has charmed the American people into a state of pre-election frenzy of hope & change, that the mere act of voting is wholly unnecessary because their candidate will simply ascend to the throne of U.S. Presidency like some angelic entity that is more ethereal than human. 

Vote Now!  Vote Cowbell!

Vote Now! Vote Cowbell!

So, I’m sending out this plea far and wide.  Don’t believe this election is over.  Our candidate can still win.  All you have to do is vote Walken on Tuesday.  If you want more cowbell, this is the only way you’re going to get it.  The other candidates aren’t even talking about cowbell.  Why?  Because they have no cowbell plan.  It’s all war and taxes with those other presidential hopefuls.  Only Walken wants you to have your cowbell.  Let freedom ring!  (In this case freedom is a metaphor for cowbell.  Get it?)   



From Obama Girl To The Incredible McCain Girl – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Political Season

The folks who brought you Obama Girl have now come up with The Incredible McCain Girl.  Yikes!  I wonder if they get paid for this stuff.



Christine Todd Whitman – May not be conservative enough for the base, but I don’t know if there’s anything McCain can do to bring back the base.  She’s still popular in New Jersey.  She left the Bush administration early enough not to be tainted, and she’s an environmentalist.

There you have it.  The perfect Dem Ticket (see yesterday’s post), and the perfect GOP Ticket.

Man, The Guy Can Give a Speech

The nomination is wrapped up for Obama.  McCain has his work cut out for him, because I have never heard a better speaker in my lifetime than Barack Obama.  In honor of history being made tonight, I give you Yes We Can

BTW – I think the speech he gave in Minesota tonight was his best speech yet.