My Kickstarter fantasy

Lights! Camera! Raise Money!

Lights! Camera! Raise Money!

I don’t know if there’s something in the water or I missed a memo that went out to indie authors, but I’ve seen a lot of Kickstarter projects come across my Facebook newsfeed lately. The power of repetitive messaging is starting to get to me. I want to do a Kickstarter project. I’m fairly certain it would be a disastrous failure, but I’m not sure that matters.

What kind of project? A short film, of course! It’s not that crazy is it? I have a bachelor’s in broadcast production, I’ve done enough production work to know how to plan it out, and I’ve written 12 screenplays. Plus, I have material to adapt to a short film.

I’m knowledgeable enough to know that I can’t raise the funds to do a short based on any of the Oz Chronicles books. That would take CG work and special effects that are way too expensive. The other two R.W. Ridley books aren’t good candidates for various reasons. Two Notch is a post-apocalyptic western that calls for mostly desert like terrain. Expense would still be an issue. And Lost Days just isn’t popular enough. I like it, but it just never sparked any real interest.

That leaves me C. Hoyt Caldwell’s books. I could easily pluck a scene from either one of the two titles and make a 10-15 minute short. The question is which material would translate to the short form as a complete story. Here are my thoughts off the top of my head.

  1. The Proposal (Bad Way Out) – Milo offers E.R. Percy a job as a drug dealer.

  2. The Wake (Bad Way Out) – The Tanners hold a wake for their dead married girl

  3. The Swim (Bad Way Out) – E.R. and Eva go for a swim

  4. The Killer Conversation (The Closeout Kings) – Step and Kenny closeout two rednecks in front of a bar (opening chapter)

  5. Triggers (The Closeout Kings) – Step shares his philosophy of how to keep a woman happy with Kenny

  6. Knives (The Closeout Kings) – Step and Kenny try to collect from Billy Campbell in his walk-in freezer

The trick is to find material that doesn’t need a lot of set-up and comes to a satisfactory conclusion. In other words, it’s a mini-story within a story.

I’m kind of high on creative juices at the moment since I’ve been cranking up Book Seven, so this is really just wishful thinking spawned from that. I’d have to sit down and really hammer out a realistic budget, but it is something I’d like to do.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions? Other synonyms?