The New Délon City Kindle Cover Image (Vote)

I’ve never been thrilled with the cover for Délon City, so I’ve decided to use a different one for the Kindle version.  If it goes over well, I’ll change it for the print version as well.  What do you think?

A New Cover for Délon City?

Cast your vote!

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Red Adept’s Review of The Takers

Read Red Adepts review of The Takers

Read Red Adept's review of The Takers

Pardon this self-promotion post, but I guess that’s part of my job as an author with books on the market.  Red Adept has posted a review of The Takers on her blog, which is aptly named Red Adept’s Kindle Book Review Blog.  It’s a Kindle blog which means if you are a Kindle owner you can subscribe to her blog and get reviews of the latest and greatest titles available for the fancy-schmancy e-reading device.    I’m happy to say she gave The Takers five out of five stars.  Here’s an excerpt of her review:

It was difficult to find a stopping point in which to take a break while reading this novel. Every single bit of it is filled with tension and foreshadowing.

When I got to the very end, I thought I was going to be angry and disappointed, but the author managed to restore my faith with just one last sentence.

I am humbly gracious for the kind words.  It’s obvious Red Adept’s blog has a significant following because the Amazon ranking jumped considerably since she posted her review.  BTW – The Takers is availabe in both print and Kindle formats.

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My Book, The Takers ( Kindle Version)- I lowered the price to $1.99!!!!

The Takers Kindle Version - $1.99

The Takers Kindle Version - $1.99

This is a rare moment where I will talk book business on this blog. Happy to talk about my books anytime, but I usually don’t get into that “Buy Now” mode, but this is an exception. Of course, this only applies to Kindle Owners. The Kindle version of The Takers: Book One of the Oz Chronicles is now only $1.99. Why? Cause I want more people to read the book. Duh! (Wow, I just duh’d myself. Pretty pathetic.) Any-who… It’s available. It’s cheap. It’s a decent read (so I’ve been told).

The One Sentence Pitch: A 13-year-old boy wakes up to discover he is responsible for the end of the world!

The Genre: SciFi/Horror

BTW – I haven’t decided for sure yet, but this price is likely to be temporary!

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Win a Kindle 2 Contest

I’m extending the entry deadline for the “Win a Kindle 2 Contest.” Take note of the word “entry.” The drawing will still be on March 30, but the new deadline to get your correct answer to the qualifying question is March 22.

I am way behind on my emails and point tallies. Travel and my new book got in the way. I’ll plan the next contest much better next time. I’m going to try my hardest to get emails out to everyone by this Sunday.

Here are the details on the contest:

Qualifying Question: What species of nonhuman primate appears in the video?

Important Links:

The video –

The book: PDF –

The book: Paperback –

The official Kindle Contest email address is

To Qualify – Identify the type of primate in the video (chimpanzee, gorilla or orangutan). If you respond with the correct answer, you will be entered into the drawing. Please send me an email with the subject line “I know the primate.” If this is not the subject line, your answer will not be accepted. In addition, if you earned spread the word bonuses for the last competition and you provide the correct answer to the qualifying question, the spread the word bonuses will rollover to this drawing.

Names – You must provide your first and last name. If you did not enter the last Kindle Drawing please let me know in the email.

How to earn 10 bonus entries – Tell me the name of the character in the book that the primate in the video represents.

How to earn 5 bonus entries – Enter “Never say their name!” in the comment section of the Youtube page (not my blog). Put your first and last initial in comment section to identify yourself. Here’s an example of how it would look if I left a comment: “Never say their name! – RR”. Be sure to let me know in the email that you have entered the comment on Youtube so I can track your bonus points. In addition, make sure I know your initials.

Spread the word bonuses – for each person that sends me an email telling me you told them about the contest, you get a bonus entry. As was done for the last drawing, the people you are telling about the competition should have the subject line “Loop me in on the Kindle Contest” on their emails.

Kindles? – If the video receives 5,000 views, I will be giving away a second Kindle for this drawing. In this case, if you win the first one, you will not be eligible to win the second one.

How to be disqualified – if you give the answer to the qualifying question in any public forum, blog, message board, website and/ or email, I will disqualify you from the competition. How will I know? Trust me, I’ll know. I have found that the entrants themselves have been a great source of information.

Dates – Entries will be accepted until March 15 22. The actually drawing will be on March 30.

The Winner or the Kindle Contest Sends Photographic Proof of Her Kindled Euphoria!

Stephanie and her new pimped-out Kindle!
Stephanie and her new pimped-out Kindle!

I asked Stephanie, the winner of the Kindle drawing, to send me a picture of her enjoying the ultra-cool digital reader. Here she is with the Kindle to which she added her own style to make it uniquely Stephanie. Here’s what she had to say in her email:

I am attaching a photo of me and my much loved Kindle. You may notice that I have applied a wood burl patterned skin to the device.

The wood burl patterned skin is cool, but this could cause problems with termites… Sorry I didn’t have to go there, but I did.

Next week I will be announcing the new drawing. If you participated last time, you’ll be getting an email from me making the announcement and explaining the rules. If you would like to get the email alert, contact me at

The Kindle has arrived!

Amazon shipped the Kindle about 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  Yippee!  I’m going to ship it out to Stephanie, the contest winner, tomorrow.  I’m still planning on starting the new contest in February.  I’m planning on a blockbuster-headline-grabbing-blow-your-minds type twist.  DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNN!

That, my friends, is what’s known as a cliff hanger in the storytelling business.  Or as I like to say, you’ve been cliffed.

Update on Kindle Contest

Read the Takers!  Win a Kindle!

Read the Takers! Win a Kindle!

I’m sending everyone who sent an email to (with the subject line: Loop me in on the Kindle Contest) the qualifying question on Monday. Be on the lookout. I want to give latecomers enough time to read the book so the drawing will take place on December 31. The winner will be able to start the new year with a nifty little gadget.

Some of you have been doing a great job of taking advantage of the Spread the Word Bonus. You all should be doing it. The more people who send an email telling me you spread the word about the contest, the more chances you have at winning the Kindle (if you provide the correct qualifying question). So, tell everyone you know. Tell them to send an email to with the subject line Loop me in on the Kindle contest, and “So & so told me about the contest” in the the body of the email.

Bonus, Bonus: The first 10 people to send 10 people my way via the Spread the Word Bonus, I will mail you a signed copy of The Takers. A couple of you are pretty close to the magic number so keep them coming.

More information on the contest click here: I’m Giving Away A Kindle!

What do you win when you win a Kindle?

Read the Takers.  Win a Kindle.

Read the Takers. Win a Kindle.

The Kindle contest is just around the corner. Remember if you want an official notification of rules and start date, send an email to with the subject line: Loop me in on the Kindle Contest. Rather than assume that everyone knows what a Kindle is, I’ll give you a quick description. In short, it’s described by some as the iPod of ebook readers. But it is much, much more. I pulled this list of cool things about the Kindle from the blog, Amazon Kindle, Books, Kindle Review & Kindle 2:

  • The Main Function – A book reader. That’s it. If you read a lot of books, especially on the go and want an elegant eReader then the Kindle is a Great Fit.
  • Additional Functions (listing the main ones)

1. [Experimental] GPS Device with Google Maps
2. Wireless Internet Access with Experimental Browser
3. Music Player [Random Shuffle of Songs]
4.Audio Books
5. [Experimental with no Colour] Picture Viewer
6. Amazon Kindle Store for Books
7. NewsPapers and Magazines

  • The overwhelming majority of People who own it, love it.
  • eInk screen looks much closer to a book than any electronic device screen (except of course for other devices that use eInk)
  • Easier on the eyes + can also change font sizes
  • Free Ebooks – insane collection of books from all eras.
  • Over 100,000 eBooks from the amazon Kindle Store
  • Amazon store all the time
  • Newspaper and Magazine subscriptions
  • Blogs (my recommendation is to use the browser and not use the 1$ a month subscription service)
  • Free Wireless Access – Wikipedia + Internet browsing + being on EVDO means you aren’t just restricted to WiFi hotspots.
  • Kindle NowNow – instant answers from real people
  • Dictionary
  • Up to 6 Kindles on one account. So a family can share their books. Or a group of friends. Or a group of classmates
  • Easy to shop and books get downloaded in 1-2 minutes
  • Easy to travel and move.
  • Access to all your books easily.
  • Save paper = save trees.
  • Can make notes on the Kindle
  • Transport all your reading material in the Kindle.
  • Built in capacity for 200 books.

1. SD card to add capacity
2. Newspapers
3. Magazines
4. Blogs

  • Extensions
  • MineSweeper
  • Convert from formats like PDF to view on your Kindle

For the record, the blogger does include drawbacks, but we don’t need no stinking drawbacks. Besides if you win, you’re getting it for free. You can live with the drawbacks.

The rules so far:

1. It isn’t necessary to buy a copy of the takers to win the Kindle. It would be nice, but it’s not necessary. I will be providing a free download of the PDF on this blog next week.

2. The contest will consist of one question from the book. That’s right, one measly question. Answer it correctly, and I will throw your name in a hat and include you in a drawing.

3. You can increase your chances of winning by spreading the word. The more people who send me an email saying “So & so told me about the Kindle contest.” The more times your name goes in the drawing (provided you supply the correct answer.)

4. I will accept your answer in an email only with the subject line: I know the Oz answer. The email address is

5. I will video tape the drawing and post it in on my Youtube channel.

Stay tuned because there is more to come.