Meet Andrew Shirvell, a Proud Moronic American

Thanks to my Facebook friend, Reagan for posting this on her wall.  This video showcases probably the most idiotic human being I have ever seen (this week anyway).  His name is Andrew Shirvell, and he is the Assistant Attorney General of the state of Michigan. Andrew is mad and goofy and out to get the president of the student council at the University of Michigan, Chris Armstrong… wait, what?

That’s right.  You read correctly. He’s a grown man out of college, out of law school, out in the real world trying to make a buck, and he’s decided that he needs to destroy a college kid.  Why? Because the kid is openly gay and serving as president of the student council of his Alma mater.  Shirvell has created a personal blog and instituted a Chris Armstrong Watch to try and oust the kid from his post.  Shirvell believes Armstrong has a radical homosexual agenda. And I’m pretty sure Shirvell has a radically moronic agenda.  He stalks the kid and hounds him on campus.

I watched this interview Anderson Cooper did with Shirvell and was amazed to learn that he’s allowed to go out in public without a helmet.

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