Stephenie Meyer gets figuratively kneecapped again by another bestselling author

Bestselling authors are apparently not big fans!

Bestselling authors are apparently not big fans!

Why are these authors putting me in the position of feeling sorry for Stephenie Meyer? I’m perfectly happy being jealous of her success, thank you. Stop making me come to her defense. First, it was one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, who gave her a literary smack across the face in February by saying she isn’t a very good writer. As much as I love Mr. King, I thought it was at worst a vicous thing to say, and at best an unnecessary thing to say. But he is Stephen King, and he has a reputation of shooting from the hip.

Now it is Jodi Picoult, an author with almost 14 million books in print, who’s taken a swipe at the already wounded Meyer. In the April 11 issue of Newsweek magazine, Picoult declares that “In terms of the literary content of the ‘Twilight’ books, they’re totally escapist. I think technically I am maybe a cut above.” In other words, I’m better than Stephenie Meyer. She does follow that statement with “Stephenie Meyer has gotten people hooked on books… and that’s good for all of us.” But the blow had already been delivered.

These quotes are pulled from an article titled and subtitled, Why Is It A Sin To Read For Fun? Jodi Picoult makes lots of people love books—but has she become too successful to be taken seriously? The focus of the article is whether authors have credibility just because they sell a lot of books. The answer is yes. I’m not the brightest guy on the planet, but even I know there is no accounting for taste. Denying a book’s merit just because I don’t like it or the Pulitzer Prize committee will never consider it is foolhardy, especially if that book happens to sell millions of copies and capture the hearts and minds of an entire generation of readers. To her credit, Picoult isn’t questioning the merit of Meyer’s books, but she is calling into question her level of talent. Again, I’m not sure it’s necessary.

I thought when Norman Mailer died the days of the author feud were over.

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Stephen King Gives Out the Rare Reverse Blurb

One can’t help but feel bad for Twilight author Stephenie Meyer this morning. Stephen King is not a fan of her pretty-boy vampire tales, and he’s not afraid to say it. In fact, he said in an USA Weekend interview that Ms. Meyer isn’t a very good writer. True, she has millions of devalued dollars to placate her wounded writer’s soul, but still it’s got to sting when the master doesn’t approve. I am not a fan of the Meyer’s books myself. It has nothing to do with the author’s talents. I just like my vampires to be… scary. The notion of metrosexual vampires is lost on me. I don’t like reading “sex in the city” moments in my creepy monster stories. And make no mistake about it, vampires are monsters. They are not out-of-work fashion models more concerned about hair gel than getting their next blood-lust freak on.

Still, I’m a bit baffled by Mr. King’s comments. They seem unnecessary. I am a Stephen King fan. I count “Bag of Bones,” as one of my favorite books, and granted, he’s not known for withholding his opinion when asked, but I have to admit this one has me scratching my head. I know reporters take things out of context, and tend toward the sensational, but I can’t for the life me find a positive way to spin the quote, “Stephanie Meyer can’t write worth a darn.” I’m thinking maybe someone cut him off in traffic or left his donut a few sprinkles short the morning of the interview, and he was just feeling grumpy.

You can read the story here: Smackdown of the Week: Stephen King vs. Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer