A song for the frustrated Bigfooters

I’ve purposely not commented on Dr. K’s newly released DNA paper because I’m waiting for those with bonafide chops in the study of such things as genetics and other science-e endeavors to weigh in with conclusive opinions. The behavior of some of the individuals publicly involved in the study is leading me down a very cynical path.  To be frank, I don’t like what I’m seeing and it leads me to believe that something less than honorable is afoot.  Let’s call that a suspicion not a indictment.  Suffice it to say, I’m keeping up with the drips and tiny bits of information coming out, and if I feel I need to comment, I will.

For now, here’s an original song by Youtuber mctrmt that sums up how I feel.  I give you Wake Up Matilda.

Dr. Sykes hasn’t even begun DNA testing yet

"Yes, I have no DNA test results."

“Yes, I have no DNA test results.”

A few bloggers are reporting that Dr. Sykes has been getting test results that more or less match Dr. Ketchum’s results.  It’s not true for one very simple reason.  He hasn’t even begun testing samples yet.  The problem with bloggers is we sometimes use other bloggers as sources.  Worse yet, we report the chatter on messageboards as facts.  BAD BLOGGERS!

This is information comes straight from Dr. Jeff Meldrum on Facebook.

Well, I was on the phone with Bryan just a couple of days ago and he had not yet begun testing. When he does, he intends to do the initial screening with mtDNA loci. So the alleged leak story is vacuous.

Everybody just settle down. This will all be over soon. And please remember, soon is a relative term.

There is no Bigfoot…

No-BigfootUPDATE 4:00 – 12/06/20: Dr. Ketchum responded on Facebook to the “rumors.”  I’ve placed her response at the end of this post.

…Paper that is.  Or at least one that will be published anytime soon. Warning: Bitter pills to follow.

News reports are trickling in that Dr. Melba Ketchum’s paper on Sasquatch (hybrid-humans/h-humans) DNA has been rejected.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt last week that she only made an announcement because the journal gave her permission.  It now appears – reading between the lines of the original source that leaked the story – that this may have been a ploy to raise the profile of the paper in order to force the journal’s hand.  If we are to believe previous stories on this topic, the paper has been rejected and rewritten on numerous occasions.

This news will, of course, lead to an uprising of conspiracy theories about the bias of mainstream science.  While I have no doubt that a majority of the scientific community thinks the subject of Bigfoot is silly, no reasonable scientist is biased against solid research based on sound scientific principles.  At this point, we must all assume that the paper is not worthy of publication.

This should also put to rest all the ridiculous claims that there is a body.  There is no body. How do I know?  Because Dr. K would have released photos/video of said body in order to bolster her claims.  And if she’s not in possession of a body, but someone else is, they would certainly have taken the opportunity by now to release evidence that they have a body on a block of ice given the media attention her announcement was given.

Dr. Ketchum also issued a statement that she is in possession of HD quality video of these h-humans that she will release when the paper is published.  Everyone is assuming that this is the famous (or infamous) Erickson footage.  Logic dictates that these images are not game changing images, otherwise, at the very least, a clip or two would have appeared to add credibility to her press release.  Few people have seen the Erickson footage and even fewer still have been impressed by the footage.

It is time for the researchers that submitted samples to the study to step forward and break their non-disclosure agreements.  Thanks to the publicity this stunt generated the paper is most likely DOA, and will never see publication in a reputable journal.  Disclosure cannot damage the paper anymore than it is already damaged.  If you are a contributor to the study, and you contact me, I don’t do the anonymous sources crap.  You contact me, you go on the record.  This community is rife with secrecy that serves no real purpose other than to give cowards cover.  I won’t be a part of it.

Sane people have been witness to something in the woods of North America.  I’m not willing to completely dismiss their accounts.  Statistically speaking it’s much more reasonable to believe something large and unknown is out there than it is to believe they are all simply lying or misidentifying known animals.  However, as of now, there is no proof of Bigfoot, and making claims to the contrary is nonsense.

Dr. Ketchum’s response – “The paper is still under review and the rumormongering is counterproductive. The science will speak for itself once the manuscript publishes.”

To elaborate on her response, the news of the rejection came from Igor Bustrev, a Russian researcher who types in broken English.  I believe the Ketchum camp is claiming he meant ‘revision’ instead of ‘rejection.’

That being said, Dr. Ketchum is not off the hook.  She would be better served if she released some of the footage that is allegedly high quality HD footage.  I can think of no logical reason to withhold something that would only support the claims she made in her press release.

Everything’s coming up Bigfoot DNA

Paranthropus_boisei_560In answer to those who’ve asked, “Have you heard about the Bigfoot DNA story?”  Yes.  Yes. A thousand times, yes!  My take on it is there’s really nothing new to report other than it’s the first time Dr. Ketchum has publicly stated the findings of her teams study.

Her claim is basically this.  Bigfoot is a species of hominid that came about as a result of hybrid speciation.  What does that mean?  It means some unknown hominid (unknown to the current DNA database) and modern humans got it on about 15,000 years ago in Eastern Europe.  Her team not only reportedly sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of various samples.  They sequenced the nuclear DNA of three samples contributed by three different researchers.  The latter is what is most intriguing to those in the scientific community.  Nuclear DNA testing is far more complicated and harder to dispute.

She is calling her findings novel and unexpected.  The mainstream scientific community is calling her findings unconventional and unlikely.  Now, mind you all this talk stems from a press release by Dr. Ketchum about the findings.  None of it addresses the actual paper because the paper is as yet unpublished.  Dr. Ketchum has stated that it will be published in a matter of weeks.  Again, this is the first time she’s given even a vague timeline, so you have to think she’s gotten confirmation from the journal that it will be released and they’ve lifted any kind of embargo so she could finally address rumors.

Some points to ponder

  • Dr. Ketchum has vehemently denied she ever used the term “angel DNA” to describe the unknown hominid found in the full sequencing of the Nuclear DNA.  Even if she did, I’m not particularly bothered by it because the scientific community uses theological terms to describe scientific findings and studies all the time.  Just ask physicists if they really believe they expect to find traces of God in the “God Particle.”
  • Mainstream scientists aren’t hoping Dr. Ketchum is wrong.  They would love nothing more than for her to be right.  In fact, I’m betting many of them are secretly excited about the possibility of Bigfoot being real.  That they are expressing doubt and skepticism shouldn’t be viewed as them dismissing her findings.  They are all anxious to get their hands on the paper.
  • Dr. Ketchum used a dozen or so independent labs to verify her findings.  The chances that they all got the same results are highly improbable unless they all got the only results that could be found.  In other words, they didn’t all find the same “novel” DNA unless there actually was “novel” DNA.  I think that Dr. Ketchum’s five year study used contaminated samples is unlikely. She’s described the precautions her team took to ensure that no contamination took place.  They took DNA samples from every member of the team and field researchers and tested for contamination.  However, only time will tell if indeed the samples were actually contaminated.
  • Matt Moneymaker is clearly upset by the findings and has been speed-tweeting his dismay.  One must remember that Dr. Ketchum lured Moneymaker’s sugar daddy away from his organization in order to fund the DNA project.  Therefore, we have to take Moneymaker’s claims with a grain of salt.  I’m not saying he’s a dishonest guy.  I simply saying his judgment may be impaired.
  • Hybrid speciation in the animal kingdom does take place in nature a lot.  Polar bears and grizzly bears have produced offspring in the wild.  It’s widely known that different species of primates have and do create offspring frequently.  Some claim that chimps and gorillas have crossbred in Africa which results in a creature called the Koolakamba. And those who think it’s too farfetched to believe modern humans bred with “sub-human” hominids are clearly not familiar with the concept of bestiality.  Humans are freaks!
  • There apparently is substantial physical evidence that was used in this study.  More than a few sources are saying that included in Dr. Ketchum’s study is a sample taken from a 2.5 lbs piece of flesh collected in the Sierra Mountains in 2010.  Two and half pounds of flesh is a hell of a lot of flesh, and I’ve been told samples of it are included in Dr. Syke’s Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project, as well.  In addition, samples from the flesh were submitted to labs outside of both of these studies.  And for what it’s worth, those independent labs have been baffled by their findings.  Beyond that I don’t know what their findings were.

In the end, none of this is more than speculation until Dr. Ketchum’s team’s study is released, and other scientists have had an opportunity to do their own tests to either verify or eviscerate her findings.  I will say this.  If Dr. Ketchum is proven to be wrong, either because she’s incompetent or deceitful, her career is over.

Why Dr. Ketchum’s paper is taking so long

For those of you keeping up with Dr. K’s paper and hoping for its publication any day now, I found this little tidbit of information in Nature today that may answer why the process is taking so long.

Considerable hard data have emerged on the scale of misconduct. A metastudy (D. Fanelli PLoS ONE 4, e5738; 2009) and a detailed screening of all images in papers accepted by The Journal of Cell Biology (M. Rossner The Scientist 20 (3), 24; 2006) each suggest that roughly 1% of published papers are fraudulent. That would be about 20,000 papers worldwide each year.

Considering the subject of Dr. K’s paper, I imagine unprecedented caution is being taken, especially given the fact that 20,000 papers on so-called mainstream topics are “fraudulent.”  It’s bad enough to be fooled on a “legitimate” topic. It would be journalistic suicide to be fooled on a “fringe” topic.  I’m not saying Dr. K would commit fraud.  I’m just saying the journal that’s publishing her paper is making damn sure everything’s in order before they proceed with publication.

You can read the entire Nature article here –  The time is right to confront misconduct: After a generation of denial, research leaders are finally treating scientific fraud with the seriousness it deserves, says  Colin Macilwain.