The Takers Facebook Ad

I’m getting things in gear to prepare for Book 6 of the Oz Chronicles to come out.  It’s still some time off, but it’s in the best interest of the entire series to build some buzz about all the books before I release Book 6.  I will do the free Kindle downloads like usual, but I’m also considering doing a Facebook Ad.  I’ve done them in the past, and I’ve had modest success with them. 

Here’s the problem.  I have to come up with a catchy headline and then ad copy that is no more than 80 characters.  It’s really, really, really tough coming up with an effective ad with those parameters.  So hard in fact, that I’m looking for some input from you, the readers of The Oz Chronicles.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  In fact, I’ll send you a free signed copy of Book 6 when it’s published if I use your idea.  Feel free to comment away here or on Facebook.  

Under the weather

I’m not feeling 100% today.  I had a simple little procedure on my eye that included some old school torture techniques, and as a result I find myself getting headaches when I read or sit in front of the computer for too long.  I have to be really selfish and not post a entry from Lou’s diary today.  Next week, I’ll post a reading of more from Book Six of the Oz Chronicles as a makeup.

I’m busy wrestling bears today

So, there will be no entry from Lou’s Diary this week.  In fact, we may be looking at a permanent shift in my schedule.  Things are tightening up for me time-wise, so I may go to a bi-monthly posting of Lou’s Diary.  It’s a necessary change so I can pick up the pace on Book Six and get it out the door and into your hands.

He totally misunderstood me when I questioned his right to bear arms.

He totally misunderstood me when I questioned his right to bear arms.

Heavens to murgatroyd! No Lou’s diary today.

I’m having too much fun writing to interrupt the flow.  So, I won’t be posting Lou’s Diary today.  It’s possible I’ll have an entry tomorrow.  As my self-imposed punishment, here’s what it would look like if I called up my inner-Snagglepuss. (Ha- auto-correct tried to make that inner-snuggles).

Exit stage left!

Exit stage left!

Book Six of the Oz Chronicles – First two chapters read by R. W. Ridley



Here is the video.  Hopefully you will see how Lou’s diary comes into play here and why I’ve spent so much time on it.  Let me know what you think!

Change-up for tomorrow’s diary read – Book Six instead

I’m not going to be reading from Lou’s diary tomorrow.  Instead, I will be reading a sample from Book Six of the Oz Chronicles.  I won’t be releasing a text version on Sunday because it’s likely to change from now until publication, and I am not entirely sure when that publication will be at this point. Sorry, I wish I had a more precise timeline.

So, book it (so to speak).  Tomorrow.  Book Six sample.  Read by the author.

Lou’s Diary – Entry 24 (text version)

Lous-DiaryThe boy would not stop signing his lies so I tied his hands together.  He screeched and stomped his feet around the cabin until he wore himself out and sat down in the corner.  I laughed at him the whole time just to irritate the crap out of him.

When he was settled down enough to listen, I pulled up a small empty crate in front of him and opened Floyd’s diary.  I was determined to make the boy see the truth about the Gore.  They were good and noble creatures.  He was wrong about them.  He had to stop lying about them.

I flipped through the book at random and stopped on a page.  Setting the book down to free my hands, I signed to him that he would now hear about the real Gore, and he would be sorry for ever harming them.  Then I signed what Floyd had written.

“I followed a small group of Gore to an abandoned house last week.  At least I thought it was abandoned.  It turns out there was a family hiding in the basement.  The Gore piled themselves up on the front lawn and waited.

I picked a spot across the street from the house and watched.  A day went by, and nothing happened.  The second day, still nothing.  But, on the third day a young girl came out of the house.  She was fixated on the neatly stacked piles of Gore on her lawn.  She stared for a few minutes and then went back inside, only to come back out a few minutes later and continue her staring.  She stared for what must have been an hour and then went back inside, again only to come back out and stare some more.  This time she stayed, gazing at the Gore, until nightfall.

There were screams coming from the house all through the night.

The next morning she emerged from the house carrying something in her arms.  I couldn’t see what it was at first.  She carried it like one carries a stack of firewood.  She bent down and dropped the object in front of one of the Gore.  She said something to the pile, but she was too far away for me to hear.  She went back inside the house.

I rushed across the street and maneuvered around the Gore she had been talking to and saw the object she carried out of the house.  A freshly-cut human leg.

She came back out of the house carrying more limbs just as she had carried out the leg.  These were smaller body parts.  I hid myself behind a pile of Gore nearby and watched as she set the limbs on the ground.

“These are from my brother,” she said.  “He’s thankful that you asked for them, and he’s happy that you will have them now.  He told me to tell you that you can have his head, too, if you need it.”  She smiled and walked back into the house.

I stopped signing to the boy, and read the passage to myself.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Floyd was a bigger liar than the boy.