Banshee Worm King ARCs

Banshee Worm King ARCs

I believe I’ve contacted everyone who expressed an interest at some point in receiving an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of the Banshee Worm King: Book Five of the Oz Chronicles.  If you haven’t heard from me, and you did send me a request at an earlier date let me know. I may be able to get a few more.

(The Land) of The Dead; Book 4 of the Oz Chronicles is Done!

First Draft of Book 4 is Done!

I typed an author’s two favorite words today, The End.  The first draft is done!  I have miles to go before I sleep, but completing the first draft is definitely reason to celebrate.  Final word count: 66,136, which I believe makes it the longest book in the series.

Major, major, major (possible) revelation in this book.  The only person who’s read it so far, (my wife) got mad at me. It had to be done.  It was part of the plan all along, and as much as I hated to do it, I had to go through with it.

Still debating on whether to stick with The Land of the Dead as the title or just go with The Dead.  I don’t want to tick off George Romero fans (of which I’m one), but I think I’m sticking with The Land of the Dead for now.  His dead and my dead are completely different animals.

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In case you were wondering, the world did not end. Yippie for us!

Needs salt!

Needs salt!

They flipped the switch on the world’s first working super collider yesterday, and we didn’t get sucked into a black hole.  Scientists are trying to simulate the big bang in order to find the “God” particle, or something like that.  No word on whether they’ve found it yet, but it does make great toast.  Click here for more information: Success! The world hasn’t ended

I Apologize


As a southerner, I feel like I should apologize for pimento cheese.  It’s a grotesque glob of mayonnaise, cheese, pimentos, and some other stuff I’m too disgusted to mention.  Please forgive my people.  Yuck, yuck, yuck – a thousand times yuck!

By the way – I posted an old short story for your reading pleasure.  It is pimento cheese free.  You’ll find the story under the Short Story tab.  Look up!