The top ten freakiest searches of the week – unusual phrases people used to find my blog

Again with shirtless celebrity search?

Again with the shirtless celebrity search?

Apparently,  my blog is a gateway to the interweb for freaks and rumor mongers.  I often share with friends some of the most bizarre keywords people use to find my blog.  My buddy Hannah suggested I make it a weekly post.  I thought, “Wow what a perfect idea.  It takes very little effort, and fulfills my blog post a day commitment.  Yea, Hannah.”

So I give you the first installment of “Freakiest Searches of the Week.”  I will post them as they appear in my statistics without benefit of editing.  I want you to get the total feel of the kind of people that visit this blog.  BTW – I’m not making fun of you.  It’s the other people that read this blog.  You’re cool.  I’ve always told people that about you.

10 – sci-fi original movies suck – Not so much freaky as true.  I’ve stated as much many times myself on this very blog. I just appreciate the “straight to the point” nature of the search terms used.

9 –  the takers movie february 19, 2009 – This one may only be freaky to me.   Did someone make a movie out of my book without telling me?  I talked to a couple of Hollywood film guys a few years ago, but they dropped off my radar.  Quick, check IMDB and see if I need to call a lawyer!

8 – getting over rejevtion – Rejection is terrible, and I’ve written about it a couple of times here, but I have never written about “rejevtion.”  Me thinks I’ve spotted your problem.

7 – why didn’t mj and prince do a song – As far as I know, MJ and Prince did many songs.  In fact, they built a career out of doing songs.

6 – how many times has brett favre come out – Now, you see, this is how rumors get started.

5 – michael  vick shirtless – Someone likes their psychopaths shirtless.  Sure he tortures dogs, but man, is he ripped!

4 – jerry seinfeld shirtless – Someone likes their observational humorists shirtless.  Sure he complains about airline food, but man, is he… ripped?  No really, is he?  Why would someone want to see Seinfeld shirtless?

3 – guy feet videos – I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

2 – pics breast from steroids – It’s hard to know whether or not this person saw this as a benefit or concern.

And the number 1 freakiest search term used to find my blog is:

1.  old ladies with tattoos – Part of me is glad I don’t know who the person is that googled this particular string of words, but another part of me would love to know so I can inform the authorities!

For the record, I am proud to proclaim that most of the people who crafted these search terms were sorely disappointed when they arrived at my blog.

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Favre Sets Record on Oct. 31… in High School Football

Another Favre to Contend With

Another Favre to Contend With

Quarterback of St. Stanislaus high school, Dylan Favre – nephew of Brett Favre – set a single season record for touchdown passes in the state of Mississippi this season. The feat, 43 touchdowns, was set in a five touchdown performance in the last game of the regular season against rival Poplarville. Unfortunately, Dylan’s team lost in the first round of the playoffs. He finished the season with 45 touchdown passes and 8 rushing touchdowns. Only a Junior, Favre has 81 touchdowns in two years as a starter. At 5’10” he’s a little smallish, but here’s hoping he grows a few inches over the next year and lands a major college scholarship. Anyone from Volunteer nation that is reading this, let’s get a scout on this kid. We did pretty well with a Manning behind center. I’m guessing we would do pretty well with a Favre behind center.

Favre Could Be Back in Green Again – Jet’s Green

Sleeping With The Enemy

Sleeping With The Enemy

Well it is now a foregone conclusion that Favre will not be playing in a Packer’s uniform this year. According to the AP, two teams are making serious moves toward trading for Favre- the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers would be an interesting trade because the Bucs and Packers play each other this year. I can’t see Gruden (Tampa Bay’s head coach) and Favre getting along that well. I think the Jets are a better fit, but what do I know? I personally don’t want to see him in Tampa because that means he’ll play the Panthers twice a year.

Congratulations Aaron Rodgers. You’re finally the starting QB for the Green Bay Packers. You’re sure to be booed by the home crowd many times this year.

Favre or Rodgers?

Well, I was wrong. Brett Favre has officially come out of retirement and last I heard he had reported to the Packers’ training camp. I have never been more disappointed in both my skills as a master predictor, and Brett Favre’s commitment to the team concept. Talk about distractions. How can the Packers come anywhere close to preparing for the season with this soap opera going on in the locker room, on the field, and in the media? The management and coaches have been put into an untenable position. If they start Rodgers and he performs like a typical first year starter, the fans will revolt. If they start Favre and he reverts to Favre of 2006, the fans will revolt. Nothing short of a perfect season by whoever starts will be acceptable. Given the microscope and added pressure caused by Favre’s retirement and unretirement, perfect ain’t on the radar for either quarterback. It ain’t even on the list of possible things you may remotely see on the radar this year.

I’ve heard sportscaster after sportscaster say if they had to choose who gives them a better chance at making it to the Super Bowl, they’d choose Favre every time. All things being perfect, I’d have to agree. Things are far from perfect and it’s mostly Favre’s doing. Favre retired. He walked away from the game after a legendary career. Done. Move on. Spend more time with the wife and kids. Go fishing, hunting, golfing, whatever. Coming back is the only thing he could have done to ruin his reputation, and he did it. He’s not a team player. He should have done what Barry Sanders did. Split the country until the game was out of his system.

I’m going to make another prediction. Given my track record, I’m sure it won’t hold up. But I think Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers’ starting QB this season. Whether they trade him or bench him, Favre won’t be the starter for Green Bay. Why? Rodger’s the future of the franchise. Favre isn’t. They spent first round draft money on him. His contract ends in 2010, but he may demand a trade if Favre gets the nod. True he’s largely unproven, but the Packers saw something in him to draft him in the first round when Favre’s future was slightly less uncertain than it is now.

I say trade Favre, keep Rodgers and let the chips fall where they may. BTW – being a Panthers fan, I’d love to see Favre in a Panther’s uniform. John Fox and Brett Favre. Are you kidding me? That’s a perfect fit.

Will Brett Favre Come Out of Retirement?


***UPDATE – Swing and a miss!

No. Rumors are floating around that Brett Favre is seriously considering reporting for Packers’ training camp. I hate to disappoint all the Green Bay fans out there, but it’s not going to happen. He reportedly said he’s “got the itch.” I’m sure a majority of the NFL players who retire have an “itch” to play. Way too much is being made of Favre’s “itch” to play. Favre is a team player. Retiring and returning a few months later is too much of a distraction for the team. I just don’t see him doing that. His legend is secure. He doesn’t need to play again. Coming back may do more to harm his legend than help it. ESPN has a good piece on this topic titled Source: Favre has ‘itch’ to return; player calls it ‘rumor’.

I’m not a Green Bay fan, but I loved watching Brett Favre play the game. He’s got too much respect for the game to come out of retirement. It’s not that he couldn’t perform and perform well. It’s just that it would be a selfish act that could damage his team. Brett Favre wouldn’t do that.