Curing Cancer

Unfortunately, like most people, I have seen friends and family members battle cancer over my 42 years on this planet. Happily, treatments and survival rates are getting better every year, but that’s not enough. It’s time for a cure. To that end, a friend and coworker is participating this years Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. She and her husband are going to walk 40 miles in two days to raise money for breast cancer. Here are the details:

For 2 days and 39 miles, you have the opportunity to dramatically impact the lives of millions affected by breast cancer worldwide. By participating in the Avon Walk, you’ll allow medically under-insured women and men to receive the screening, support, and treatment they require. And leading-edge research teams will be powered by the cure all because of you. Take the first step. Register today!

If you want to help, click here: Sarah and Bret’s Avon Walk For Breast Cancer