Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch Gives Inspirational “Last” Lecture

I caught a little of this on ABC the other night, and it was one of the most emotional and inspirational stories I have ever seen. This is good TV (or video as the case may be). Randy Pausch is dying (and I use the term loosely here because if ever anyone is living life to its fullest, it’s Randy Pausch. Even in the face of death.) of pancreatic cancer. He is one of the most remarkable people I have ever seen. This guy has found a reason to be positive and inspiring when he has every reason not to be. This video is 1:44 long, but is worth the long run time. Trust me! You will feel better about life and death after watching this. I happened across the ABC special after having one of the worst days at work I have ever had. I felt really small and petty after seeing his story for my behavior.  There are so much more important things going on in this world.