Ironclad Evidence that Invisible Fairies Exist

Can you see the invisible fairy in this picture?

This is a transcript of an actual conversation I had with someone.  The person will remain nameless to protect his or her identity.  The scary thing is the person was totally serious.

Me: Hey, Nameless, thanks for calling back.

Nameless: Sorry I had to hang up earlier.  There were some people at the house.

Me: I understand.

Nameless: They don’t really understand my gift.

Me: Gift?

Nameless: Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Me: Oh, sure… okay.

Nameless: Most people don’t believe me, but I have evidence.

Me: Evidence?  Evidence of what?

Nameless: Fairies are real.  They visit me.  They usually stay away from humans, but they visit me.

Me: (No reply)

Nameless: Hello?

Me: I’m here.

Nameless: Did you hear what I said?

Me: I… Yeah… Sure… That’s… cool.

Nameless: You don’t know how great it is to talk with someone who believes me!  You believe me, right?

Me: Well… Yeah… I mean… why not?

Nameless: Thank God.  I see them all over the place. Invisible fairies.

Me: Invisible?

Nameless: They’re everywhere.

Me: But they’re invisible?

Nameless: Of course.

Me: So how do you know there everywhere… or anywhere for that matter?

Nameless: Because I’ve taken pictures of them.

Me: Wait, you have pictures of invisible fairies?

Nameless: Dozens.

Me: Can you send me one of your pictures in an email?

Nameless: Why?

Me: What do you mean why?  It’s a picture of a fairy.

Nameless: Invisible fairy.  Invisible fairy.  Haven’t you been listening?

Me: So send me a picture of an invisible fairy.

Nameless: You can’t see it.

Me: What do you mean, I can’t see it?

Nameless: It’s invisible.

Me: Okay, now I’m confused.

Nameless: What’s so confusing?  I have pictures of invisible fairies.  Proof that they exist.  Ironclad.

Me: But you can’t see the fairies in the pictures?

Nameless: What part of invisible don’t you understand?

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