Did a hunter kill a female Bigfoot and her offspring?

Don’t worry. It’s a photoshopped image.

I hate to do this to you non-Bigfooters, but I have to mark my return to the blog with a post about Bigfoot.  I know, I know.  My last post was about a Bigfoot press conference that we all knew was going to be bogus, so how can I possibly have the gnads to stay away so long only to bring more news on the topic?  Because it’s my blog, and I can ruin it anyway I want to.  I’ll be posting very soon about a new contest where I will be giving away prizes.  It has to do with The Man Who Saved Two Notch, so if you haven’t read it, you might want to start.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download an app for your computer to read it here; Free Kindle Reading Apps. And if you haven’t voted in my poll, you can do so
here; Want to win a prize? I’m celebrating the release of The Man Who Saved Two Notch on Kindle!  Now, back to our giant, hairy, biped friend.

The Bigfoot community is awash with kooks and wild claims that are usually ignored by even the most desperate of believers (BTW – I know the term believer hits a sour note with most Bigfoot researchers, but I find myself not caring.  Until indisputable proof is studied and confirmed, we’re all just believers. That’s the reality.  You look kind of silly fighting that fact.) .  Sometimes we’re fooled, but I dare say not as much as the general public is on the subject. For example, the Bigfoot in the freezer sham that occurred a few years ago was laughed at by most believers almost as soon as the story broke.  But for some inexplicable reason the mainstream media ran with it.  Bigfooters everywhere were scratching their heads.

A new bizarre tale of woe and intrigue has surfaced in the world of Bigfoot.  It’s long and involved and appears to have a multitude of major Bigfoot players involved.  More importantly, it gives legs to the rumors that there actually may be Bigfoot DNA in the hands of bona fide scientists.

The story plays out like a soap opera and comes from a blogger by the name of Robert Lindsay.   He claims to have talked with an unidentified,
but well connected man within the Bigfoot research circles that include the Erickson Project and Olympic Project, both of which have several DNA samples that have been analyzed by Dr. Melba Ketchum.  Those samples (as well as samples collected by other researchers such as Dave Paulides) have been included in a study by Dr. Ketchum and submitted for peer review so no one is talking until the study has been picked apart by the
scientific and academic communities.

I must pause here to tell you that I don’t know Robert.  We’ve had a couple of email exchanges, but that’s it.  I’ve perused his blog, and I have to admit I am uncomfortable with some of his views, particularly on race.  Instead of me misquoting him, this comes directly from his blog’s “About” section:

I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism is described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”… I admit I am what is called a “liberal racist.” I am also a “White man’s burden” racist, which is pretty much the same thing. I am also a “scientific racist,”  but I just call that telling the truth. In addition, I am a “colorblind  racist.” I’m comfortable with these political errors of thought.

I give you this information because I think the blogger is as much the story here as the story itself.  He’s not the type to hold back even at the
peril of his own reputation. That doesn’t mean he’s not capable of lying just because he’s forthright about his own views.  But it does lead one to believe that he holds honesty, no matter how unsavory, in high regard.  Don’t mistake that for admiration on my part.  It’s just an observation.

In so far as Robert’s connection, a person may have dismissed his claims – which I’ll spell out shortly -, but for one thing.  A number of people have come out verifying his story.  And this is despite the fact the man is unidentified.  His claims?  The man known simply as Bear Hunter claims that a hunter in California (near the Nevada border) shot and killed a mother Bigfoot and one of her offspring in November of 2010.  This claim seems to be supported by at the very least the Olympic Project, and may have even been referenced by Adrian Erickson in an interview long before Bear Hunter came forward with the story.

What happened after the shooting is unclear.  The only thing that is known for sure is that the hunter first made the shooting public on a taxidermy messageboard.  The story the man presented was that he was regretful and conflicted because he thought he may be arrested for killing the two creatures.  Except for the hair covered bodies and various other features, they appeared to be human.  He shot them, he says, because he thought they were bears.  Since Robert’s story, however, a witness to the shooting has come forward and claimed the hunter maliciously  shot the creatures.  In fact, he had to be physically restrained from killing a third animal described as a juvenile.

What happened to the bodies has become a mystery.  The shooter said he left them and wanted nothing to do with them.  Others say that he is in possession of the bodies and gave a sample cut from the thigh of the adult to the Olympic Project.  Still others say the man is a member of the Olympic Project.  The sample story does have some weight because according to, again, another unnamed source, Dr. Ketchum did receive
a hair covered sample that appeared to be cut from a thigh.

Now, outrage abounds within the Bigfoot community because it is so bizarre.  Members of the Olympic Project have actually verified the most sensational part of the story.  They say two bipedal hairy animals were indeed shot and killed by a hunter.  They seem to confuse matters by claiming they returned to the site of the shooting and while they didn’t find any bodies, they did find a chunk of a thigh that they sent to Dr. Ketchum.

Is any part of this story true? With the one exception that California does indeed border Nevada, I can’t tell you for sure.  It seems outrageous and fantastical, and I tend to doubt most of it, but I also doubted that a smart young congressman from New York would send pictures of his penis via Twitter to some woman he didn’t even know.  Crazier things have happened.

Here are the various links to stories and discussions about this topic if you’re interested:

New Erickson Project News: Bigfoot DNA Project Using Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies for Samples

Bear Hunter Interview Part 2: More Outrageous Bigfoot Allegations and Revelations

Chronology of the Recent Bigfoot Shooting Story

Why the angry disclaimer?

You people are mean! I'm out of here!

For those of you who have never spent any time in the Bigfoot community, you’re probably wondering why I included an angry disclaimer with my “Is Bigfoot back in Georgia” post.  You also may be asking yourself, “You mean there are enough of you to form a community?”  Yes.  Believe it or not there are enough people spread far and wide to form a fairly large community online made up of smaller groups that gather on Facebook, various blogs, and messageboards.  It is as dysfunctional a group of people as you have encountered.  Many of the people are nice and amiable, but the most boisterous of the groups are enormous ass-hats!  (I’ll refer to them as A-H from here on out)

There is a glaring lack of respect by the typical A-H towards other human beings.  It doesn’t matter if that other human being is an adult, a child, a man, a woman, old, young, Republican, Democrat, etc.  They will attack with impunity.  Now, part of me understands their attitude.  They believe in something that most people think is ridiculous.  They’ve probably been  abused for their beliefs, and they’ve developed an A-H exterior as a defense mechanism. They basically resent other people in the Bigfoot community for presenting anything, but ironclad proof of the existence of a large North American Bipedal Ape.  They hone and hammer and beat their interactions with other Bigfooters into a series of blood-soaked written insults.   It’s as if their belief in Bigfoot has shutdown their frontal lobe.

Here is a standard thread in a Bigfoot community discussion about most videos and photos:

Witness: Hey check out this Youtube video I posted.  We were camping and caught something that looks like Bigfoot.

Nice Responder: Cool!  Where was this?

A-H 1: Fake!

Witness: Nice Responder, It was near Blowing Rock, NC.

A-H 1, what do you mean fake?

A-H 2: OMG!  This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! Thanks for wasting my time!

A-H 3: I can’t believe you posted this crap here!  This is why no one will take Bigfoot seriously!

A-H 1: I mean it’s obviously a guy in a costume, probably you’re mother or brother-in-law.  The arms are too short!  It  walks like a person. And you conveniently run the other way.  C’mon, this is the find of the century. You should chase this thing down and pull a clump of hair from its body for DNA analysis.

Witness: But I’m only twelve and this thing was really big.  I was scared.  It’s not my mother.  She died last year, and my sister’s not married.  She’s only eight.

A-H 1: Your mother probably hung herself because you’re so friggin’ stupid.  I want to punch you and your sister this is so lame!

A-H 4: LOL!

Witness: I’m sorry.  I thought it was real.

A-H 5: Because you’re a moron!

Nice Responder: I can’t believe you guys are being so mean.  He’s just a kid.  I’ve watched the video a few times and I can’t see anything that suggests it’s a fake.  How can you be so sure?

A-H 3: Because I’ve seen these things.  I’ve been tracking them for 15 years.  I had lunch with one on top of a mountain on February 14 last year, and we exchanged valentine’s cards.

Nice Responder: I actually had a couple of encounters with one a few years ago, and it looked very similar to what the young man got on video.

A-H 2: What are you, his mother… Oh, I forgot she’s dead!  Let this thread die already.  It’s a hoax.  The kids probably not even twelve.  He’s a desperate filmmaker trying to get some attention.  Pathetic.  You can tell it’s fake because whoever that is that’s talking on camera looks to the left right before he starts to speak.  Obvious!

A-H 6: Blobsquatch!  Next!

Leftfield Response: Did anywon else saw the family of leprechauns chising the Bigfot?  Look on the lewer left of the scren.  You clearly saw the smoak from won of there pipes.

Random Nonbeliever: You’re all stupid!  This video is crap because BIGFOOT DOES NOT EXIST!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE for an animal of this size to exist because the stress from the weight on the knee joints alone wouldn’t allow it to walk!  I can’t believe I come here 600 times a day to see your videos and photos.  You would think I would have something better to do.  Between ridiculing you and the UFO people, I barely have enough time to sleep.

That’s why I posted the angry disclaimer.  I will not abide A-H behavior on this blog. You’re welcome to disagree, but if I even smell a hint of A-H-ery, I’ll delete your comment and post photoshopped images of you pulling a Brett Favre!  That’s right!  You heard me!  I’ll show you throwing three interceptions in a game.

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Did a film crew shooting an IMAX movie catch Bigfoot on film?

The Internet chatter is in high gear over speculation that an IMAX movie, Great North, may have captured the elusive Bigfoot on film.  That wasn’t their goal.  The movie is about the Inuit people and their land, but at the 9:21 mark in the film you can clearly see a black blob running across a crevice while some caribou move across the landscape.  A black blob on film is Bigfoot’s signature move so naturally a lot of people thought it was the big guy himself.   Here’s the film.

Interesting, no?  Honestly, the first thing I thought is it was a member of the crew.  But many people really thought it could be Sasquatch.  I got tired of all the speculation and looked up the film company that shot Great North. They conveniently had an email address on their website, so I sent them an email asking if they caught Bigfoot on film.  Here’s the response I got from Daniel White with Big Films, Inc. 

You are correct in assuming that the shot is of a crew member. Several worked in the field positioning themselves in places that would “encourage” the animals to avoid the human form and move in a specified direction, thereby facilitating a shot.  There is no ground cover in the area so it would have been difficult for 30 trained crew members to miss a giant sasquatch, especially the one who the big foot would have bumped into during this shot. I have spoken with the camera crew and this is what they have told me. Too bad we didn’t get a shot of Big Foot – that would have increased our box office dramatically!

I know.  It’s disappointing.  We all want to see Bigfoot on film somewhere, but unfortunately this isn’t that film.  I can still recommend the movie.  It’s beautifully shot.

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Crypto-Creature of the Day – The Panama Gollum Monster

My buddy Hannah turned me on to this. Watch the video and then read the excerpt from The Sun underneath.

According to their account, reported by Panamanian news service Telemetro, the youngsters “screamed” when the five-foot creature emerged from a cave and started clambouring over rocks towards them “as if to attack them”.

In a “desperate bid to defend themselves” the four terrified boys said they hurled rocks at the strange creature to kill it, before throwing its corpse in the water and running away.

Their disbelieving parents returned to the lake the following day — and were stunned to discovered the beast’s body washed up on the shore.

Some have said it is the decomposing body of a sloth, but the snout is very seal like.  I’m sure a logical explanation will surface, but it is fun to speculate.

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Meet My Next Car – The Škoda Yeti

The Elusive Yeti!

The Elusive Yeti!

Like a lot of cool stuff, I found this on Cryptomundo.  The Škoda Yeti is a SUV designed and manufactured by the Škoda Auto Company in the Czech Republic.  I know!  I was thinking the same thing.  Finally, the country with a dearth of vowels in their cabbies’ names is making a major contribution to our global culture, a friggin’ Yeti.  I have no idea how much it costs or even if it will be available for sale in the States, but no amount of money or US/Czech trade relations obstacles will prevent me from owning a Yeti, a friggin’ Yeti!  I don’t want to oversell my excitement, and I don’t have kids, but I imagine this is how a man feels when he finds out his wife is pregnant (with his baby).  According to Škoda, the Yeti has compact dimensions that guarantee easy handling and manoeuvrability.  I’m not sure what manoeuvrability is, but I think the Czechs used all their vowels in one word to make up for the lack of vowels in their cabbies’ names.  In addition, Škoda says the Yeti has extraordinary spaciousness, variability and comfort.  It does not have normal space, people.  It has extraordinary spaciousness.  Hopefully, Škoda will release the Yeti, the friggin’ Yeti, the same day my book about Bigfoot, Lost Days, is released!  Go Czech Republic!

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The Georgia Bigfoot Body Duo – They’re Back & They Say They’re For Real This Time

Ive got an idea on how to get another 15 minutes of fame.

"I've got an idea on how to get another 15 minutes of fame."

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two Georgian bigfoot hoaxers who pulled the wool over no one’s eyes except the mainstream media last year, are back and crazier than ever. They are planning on celebrating the one year anniversary (August 15) of their bigfoot body prank with the unveiling of “real” proof of bigfoot. Allow me to invoke the spirit of Seth Meyers from SNL Weekend Update when I say, “Really? You put a rubber suit in a freezer, and sent possum guts out for DNA analysis last time, but this time you have ‘real’ proof. Really?”

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Is this the face of Bigfoot?

"Do you see what I see?"

"Do you see what I see?"

UPDATE: This is a guy in a gorilla costume:

Before you read any further, you should know that when it comes to the bigfoot phenomenon, I am of the mind that it is crazy enough to be plausible. In fact, with the preponderance of circumstantial evidence that has been collected, I think it is more plausible that a large bipedal ape lives in the forests of North America than an elaborate (or not so elaborate in some cases) hoax has been carried out throughout the centuries. I know this puts me in the front car of the “insane” train in most people’s minds, but what do I care, I’m a writer. We’re rarely sane. My interest in the subject is what drove me to write my new young adult science fiction novel, Lost Days. This in turn has driven me to do a lot of research on the subject lately, and in my research I’ve come across a lot of faked videos or videos of what clearly is another animal misidentified as a bigfoot. I would say 1 in 50 videos are easily dismissed. The rest are usually dismissed after you dig into the past of the individual video owner. For some reason, people are under the impression you can make money by faking a video of a bigfoot encounter. Let me put that theory to rest. Money and bigfoot videos do not equal copious amounts of cash. Roger Patterson, the man who shot the most lauded (and most criticized) footage of a bigfoot in history, died of cancer basically penniless. So if you’ve got a gorilla costume and video camera, don’t waste your time putting the two together.

Having said all that, today I want to focus on a video that I can’t easily dismiss. There are many different possibilities of what the video could be, including a bipedal ape. That doesn’t mean it is. It just means it could be. The picture above is a frame that I enhanced from that video. I see a face with apelike features. Admittedly, there are a lot of digital artifacts, but it is strange to me that the artifacts would come together to form a prominent brow ridge, a large nose, and an apish frown. They could very well be the result of pixilation gone awry, but what a coincidence.

The frame is something I captured from a Youtube video using Snagit. I then imported the JPEG into Photoshop Elements, cropped what I saw as a face, converted it to black and white, bumped up the resolution a bit, and tweaked the contrast. I have to tell you I wasn’t expecting to see what I see in that picture. And honestly, I may be reading more into it than I should, but it looks like an ape to me… at times. There are other times I convince myself it’s a man with a hood over his head.

The video itself is from a TV show called Easton Bowhunting TV. It’s a show I have never seen, and I wouldn’t know where to find it on my TV dial, but after doing some research online, I’ve discovered that it does have a small but dedicated following. The host is Fred Eichler. All indications are that he is well respected by his peers. The video clip in question was posted in March of 2008. The full video is below. Watch it and read my assessment after.

My assessment? I believe Fred did not perpetrate a hoax. He believes their Stealth Cam caught something he describes as a “creature.” He is a seasoned hunter who is familiar with the wilderness and all its fauna. Beyond Fred’s honest bewilderment by the footage, the video was posted a year ago. I cannot find another incident where it was mentioned by the host or any member of the show. Some have indicated that this was a lame publicity stunt by the show’s creators to generate viewership for the show. If that were the case, it seems to me that they would have done more to capitalize on the footage. They’ve done nothing. It’s almost as if they would just assume never talk about it again.

Assuming the host, the crew and producers of Easton Bowhunting TV did not artificially create this footage, the overriding question is, what did they catch on camera? The frame I’ve captured is one of only nine. Some have suggested they can see the telltale signs of a “wrinkle” in a coat, a shoulder strap to a sheath of arrows, etc, and still others say they see bigfoot. Not to get all Monsterquest on you, but I’m not ready to make any conclusions as of yet. I just think this footage deserves more scrutiny.

Here are some more images associated with this frame:

UPDATE: Thanks to Ty on the Bigfoot Forums, it seems I may have been both right and wrong about this video.  First, let’s all applaud my forensic skills in enhancing and manipulating an image enough to correctly identify the face as apelike because according to someone identifying themselves as BowSniper, on Bowsite.com, a member of Easton Bowhunting TV crew admitted that the “creature” was indeed someone in a gorilla costume.  Seems that Fred is quite the prankster and he set the whole thing up.  So I was wrong.  It was a hoax, but it was done out of good fun so you can’t fault the guy for having a sense of humor.  I must point out that I have no idea if BowSniper is telling the truth, but as I foolishly gave Eichler the benefit of the doubt, I’ll do the same for Bowsniper.

BTW – Running around the woods in an animal costume of any kind during hunting season is never a great idea.

BTW2 – I feel all CSI now!

Full Frame Capture

Full Frame Capture

Biped Cropped

Biped Cropped

Same image with enhanced contrast

Same image with enhanced contrast

Close up of face - color, greater contrast

Close up of face - color, greater contrast

Converted to black & white

Converted to black & white

My crude outline of facial features.

My crude outline of facial features.

BTW3 – While I never drew any conclusions about this video, I’m still a little disappointed.  A giant bipedal ape… C’mon wouldn’t that just be too cool?

Bigfoot Hoax Body eBay bid is $200,000 and Rising

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

The folks who brought you the non-story of the year are back. Loren Coleman of Cyrptomudo fame is reporting that Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer have made a deal to auction off the original fake Bigfoot body and its deep freeze coffin. Alledgedly they are in the hole by as much as $50,000 to some unnamed Indiana businessman who thought he was buying a real Bigfoot body. All civil action will be dropped against the Georgia duo. Obviously they will raise quite a bit more than the $50K they owe. They will not be keeping the remaining amount raised. Any money above and beyond the $50K will be used to fund Joshua Warren‘s Hoax Investigation Museum.

I have no idea what the Hoax Investigation Museum is, but it is going to be an extremely well-funded museum.

**UPDATE: The bidding closed at $250,283.00.  Part of me suspects we will learn the auction was a hoax.

What Would Sasquatch Do?

The Bigfoot Creed

The Bigfoot Creed

I’ve noticed a few of you have clicked on the “What Would Sasquatch Do?” link located on the right hand column. I feel compelled to point out that this link was placed on this blog months ago and is in no way associated with the current Bigfoot controversy. A friend and I thought it was funny so we created a logo and creed. Just what would Sasquatch do?

Look Blurry.

Leave Lots of Footprints.

Avoid Capture.

Remain Hairy.

And what would Sasquatch not do?

Let two schmucks from Georgia stuff your dead body in a freezer.

Just wanted to clear that up. Carry on.

Bigfoot – A Serious Look at the Legend

The Real Thing

The Real Thing?




Okay, it is well established now that there was no Bigfoot body discovered in the mountains of North Georgia, but sadly there are going to be a few…  slower adults that will still believe the hoax.   And somehow the three guys that cooked up this scheme will find a way to benefit financially.  They’ll write a book, make a film, sell t-shirts, bumper stickers, and signed posters of the now infamous Bigfoot costume in a freezer.   But that’s okay because the people who buy into this crap are the same people who will spend their last twenty bucks on a pack of cigarettes and lottery tickets.  In short, they get what they deserve.

But what about the rest of us?  Where do we go from here?  Look, I write science fiction and horror.  I tend toward the unbelievable.  It’s fun to think there’s a giant undiscovered bipedal ape running around in the forest somewhere in North America.  Is it probable?  No.  Is it possible?  Certainly.  Even Jane Goodall believes in Bigfoot, and she’s been hanging out with apes most of her life.  Who am I to argue?   I believe because it’s just too damn cool not to believe. 

Luckily there are scientist and researchers out there who are seriously considering the possibility of Bigfoot (Which is an awful name.  I like Sasquatch much better).  They are applying sound scientific methodology to the circumstantial evidence that is currently available.  If Bigfoot is ever discovered, a press conference won’t be called by a talk show host and two guys who need help tying their shoes.  It will be called by a panel of scientist with indisputable evidence. 

To that end, Professor Jeff Meldrum has penned the definitive book on Bigfoot.  It’s called Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.  It’s devoid of hyperbole and sensationalism.  Meldrum is an expert in human locomotor adaptations.  He applies his expertise to the evidence that is available.  I recommend the book highly even if you’re a nonbeliever, but most especially if you want to find a reason to believe.   


Here is a link to an NPR interview Meldrum did in November of 2006. ‘Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science’.  I’m an author of science fiction and horror.  It’s almost expected of me to believe in something as outrageous as Bigfoot.  But think of everything that Meldrum is risking by saying he’s a believer.  Now think about the extra scrutiny he’s receiving right now because three tools put a Bigfoot costume in a freezer and called a press conference.  BTW – What is wrong with this nation’s media?   They actually sent reporters to the press conference.