Why I Don’t Like Politics

Pucker Up!

Am I reading too much into this ad?  It appears to me that Marco Rubio (I honestly don’t know if he’s Republican, Democrat or other – I don’t live in Florida, so I don’t keep up with the political landscape in the Sunshine state) is subtly playing up the rumors that Charlie Crist is gay (according to documentary on HBO I saw) with this picture of what appears to be the POTUS and the Florida Governor about to engage in a kiss.  At the very least, it certainly looks to be an intimate moment between the two.

My instinct is to wag my finger at Rubio, and publicly shame him for not having the intelligence to make it about the issues.  The whole ad just seems very, very wrong to me.  It reeks of bad taste.  I know it’s supposed to be about Crist leaving the Republican party and becoming an Independent, but it just feels like Rubio is saying much, much more like, “Remember, people think this guy is gay, which probably means he’s totally hot for Obama!”

Maybe it’s just me!

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Taking the Politicians out of Politics

We are in the homestretch of what has been an interminably long presidential campaign.  Primaries, caucuses, polls, issues, wars, and even attire have been discussed and analyzed ad nauseum.  And where has it gotten us?  Smack in the middle of a competition that is in a virtual dead heat.  The closeness of the race has encouraged some very bad behavior.  Emails have been hacked.  Intentional misstatements have been made.  Race and gender and age have all been used in vicious attacks from all sides of this more than ugly affair.  Both sides are saying experience is an issue while at the same time promoting change.  It is utter madness.   In short, the politicians are ruining this presidential campaign.  As a YA author, I know I should be encouraging kids to take part in the process, but I can’t in good conscience promote their participation.  Why should I? So, they can learn the art of spin, or how to be caddy and unseemly and still have the gall to say you’re taking the high road? 

The only reason I would encourage the youth of America to get involved and pay attention is to learn what needs to be fixed.  In essence, my plea is a plea for help.  To every child from every corner of this country, please save us from this system.  Come up with a better way.  Remove the politicians from politics.  I had a friend suggest that once the two candidates are picked after the primaries we should develop a multiple choice test that covers the ten major issues where each party holds opposite views.  Instead of voting, we all take the test.  Our vote subsequently goes to the candidate with which we most agree.  No fuss.  No muss.  No more personal attacks after the primaries.  We’ll actually talk about the issues.  It sounds like the perfect solution.  

So, young people, if you’re brave and you have the will to enact real change, get involved.  Come up with a plan to make the system about the issues not the politicians.  Please – and if you can come up with a plan before November, that would be great.