Yes, Santa Claus, there is a Bigfoot.

A Thick Skull Editorial

A Skullboy Byline: I take great pleasure in addressing a question from a fat, jolly old friend to this blog. 

Dear Editor,

I am centuries old.  Some of my elf friends say there is no Bigfoot.  Mrs. Claus says if you see it on R.W. Ridley’s blog, it’s so.  Please tell me the truth, is there a Bigfoot?”

Santa “Old Saint Nick” Claus

Santa, your elf friends are wrong.  They have fallen victim to the disease called rational thinking.  To them, the improbable is impossible.  They are only comfortable with the world they know, and scoff at anything that threatens their perception of what is realistic.  To them, the world is entirely discovered.

Yes, Santa Claus, there is a Bigfoot.  He’s as real as the footprints he leaves behind.  The greatest discoveries in science and nature and medicine and art have yet to be discovered, and without people who allow themselves to believe in the improbable – even the impossible – they will remain undiscovered.  In order to progress and grow as a society, we have to explore those things that shouldn’t be, that can’t be. 

Skepticism is useful until it replaces curiosity.  It is not necessary that your elf friends believe in Bigfoot, Santa, but don’t let it dampen your curiosity.  We need the curious for our own survival.  Explore the improbable.  Embrace the impossible.  Discover what can’t be, and we will all be better for it.

No Bigfoot?  How boring would life be if there weren’t people who allowed themselves to believe in something so improbable?  Nay, how dangerous would life be if there weren’t people who allowed themselves to believe in something so improbable?  So, believe in Bigfoot, Santa!  Your elf friends are total boneheads!

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