The Movie That Convinced Some People That Elvis Was Still Alive!

I bring you an 80’s movie moment.  I saw Eddie and The Cruisers on AMC the other day, and it brought back some memories.  The premise of the movie is as follows: Music from a band formed in the tumultuous 60’s sees a revival years after their lead singer is killed in a car crash.  A reporter sets out to find out what has become of the surviving members.  She discovers there are secret, never before heard tapes, and a mysterious stranger is desperate to get hold of the tapes.  Could that mysterious stranger be the dead lead singer?

The lead singer, played by Michael Paré, is kind of “Springsteen light” – Tough guy from Jersey who’s more interested in singing songs that mean something than signing the popular songs of the day.  He’s a rebel with a guitar.

The movie came out in 1983.  Shortly after, stories galore came out about Elvis faking his own death in order to escape the spotlight, much like Eddie did in the movie.  The movie is surprisingly “not bad.”  It is based on a book, and bombed at the box office, but thanks to the success of the soundtrack, it got some traction on cable and video sales.  The actual band behind the music is John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.  The video below is for the number one song from the movie and soundtrack, On the Dark Side.

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