Ernest Hemingway’s Son Celebrates 80th Birthday

Patrick Hemingway turned 80 today.  What’s it like being the son of one of America’s greatest writers?  NPR did an interview with the E-man’s offspring and asked just that.   

Hemingway’s Son Marks 80th Birthday


I was rejected today by a publishing house. I got very close thanks to my wonderful agent, but in the end they decided to pass on my book. Insert scene from Sideways. Intellectually, I know rejection is a part of writing, but for some reason it’s tougher to take the closer you get to actually signing a deal. In my grief, I went looking for solace where everyone else does these days – the internet. I googled rejection and found this little tidbit on NPR: Famous Authors’ Rejection Letters Surface. I keep telling myself I’m not alone. So far it’s not really helping.

Don’t worry. I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself tomorrow. Got any rejection stories you care to share?