In defense of Oz

Open at the risk of warping your child

A few years ago a mother gave The Pure a one star review on Amazon because she said all my books were evil.  Actually, rather than me explaining what the review said, I’ll just post it here for your viewing pleasure.

Terrible………My teen boys love to read so I am always looking for a good series. I typed in teen fiction and this series popped so I bought all of them. After they were almost done with the series, I asked them what it was about. By the time their description was over I felt like I wanted to throw up. What had I subjected them to? I couldn’t believe the gore details they described. Sure that I had not subjected my

Sons to this type of disgusting reading, I had them read aloud. I made them stop and took the books away. I cannot believe that these were in the teen section. Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts……….I’m so full of regret that I had ever bought these. The series should not be listed anywhere near teens. In fact, it should be labelled with a parental advisory. I think I’ll burn the books. I will use much more discretion with my selections from now on!

I haven’t thought about the review for a while.  The woman is entitled to her opinion.  In a way, I take it as a compliment that she was driven to want to burn the books.   Some of my favorite books have been burned.Slamming her has never been an interest of mine and that’s not what this post about.  This post is about what I discovered about her review today.  I was on The Pure’s detail page and saw the review again and noticed something sweet. Five people came to the books defense.  They left comments on the mother’s review that more or less told her that she’s overreacting just a tad, and that horror books tend to be on the dark side, even horror books written for teenagers. She’s probably better served to read the descriptions before buying them.  It’s really kind of cool having people you don’t know defend your work. What’s cooler is that each of the five people weren’t disrespectful to the mother at all.

Thanks to my defenders and here’s hoping I didn’t warp the woman’s sons too badly.

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