What is a writer worth? (Repost… because I’m lazy like that.)

The typical scene after a writer cashes his first royalty check.

So what does a blogger do when he runs out of things to say?  He reposts old blog entries.  This is from February 12, 2008, the day John Scalzi shook my world and actually announced how much money he made as writer.  Totally insane and undeniably educational!

Ever wonder what a working writer makes? Wonder no more. John Scalzi, winner of the John W. Campbell Award and a Hugo Award nominee, gives a very revealing look into the finances of a working writer. Along with letting you peer into his wallet, he also gives you some salient advice on how to manage your money and stay out of credit hell. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s possible to make a good amount of money as a writer. Most writers don’t. You should assume, strictly for business purposes, that you won’t, or at the very least, won’t for a very long time. It’s not all about you, it’s also about the market. Don’t get defensive. The median personal income in the US in 2005 was $28,500. You have a lot of company in the bottom half.

It’s a long article (or posting or whatever you call a blog entry), but it is well worth the read. John is a very successful writer. The key to his success is beyond being an exceptional novelist he is also a gun for hire. By his own admission, he will write most anything as long as the money is good. Click here to read the entire post, and I would also make it a habit to visit John’s blog on a regular basis. He’s got a lot to say and most of it is worth listening to.

If you’ve never read any of Scalzi’s books, I recommend Old Man’s War. It’s a military sci-fi novel, but the writing is good enough to make it enjoyable even if you’re not into that particular genre.

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The Digital Marketing Team at Macmillan clear up the mystery behind publishing a book today!

This is a follow up to my post, How Books Were Made Before Magic Digital Fairies Existed! The folks at Macmillan Publishing created a video of their own on how the process works today. You can file this under “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” This was posted on January 12, 2009, well after the publishing industry went under a bit of an upheaval. It’s good to see that the good people at Macmillan have such a great sense of humor. What’s the sense of doing something if you’re not having fun? By watching this video, you will discover a little known fact about writers. We do supplement our income by blogging. I can tell you that I have literally made dollars from this blog. And by “literally” I mean figuratively. And by “made” I mean spent.

BTW – Macmillan did write every third word of this blog post so I am not completely responsible for its content.

BTW2 – I lied when I claimed Macmillan wrote every third word of this blog. I have to go now. I’m off to make my World of Warcraft avatar.