#BringBackOurGirls – Wow! George Will won’t even take a break from being an ASS on Mother’s Day!

With almost 300 girls missing in Nigeria, George Will takes the opportunity to criticize Michelle Obama for participating in the Twitter campaign to shine a light on the girls’ plight.  He thinks it’s a fruitless exercise because the kidnappers don’t care.  It’s not about the kidnappers, you horrible ass!  It’s about bringing pressure on the Nigerian government to do something about it!  AND IT WORKED! I don’t know who the woman is at the end of this video is, but thank God she gets it.

And seriously – #BringBackOurGirls

The “Does He Realize He’s on TV?” award goes to Shepard Smith!

The unseen photo of Osama bin Laden from his Abbottabad, Pakistan compound

Ahhh, hello! Mr. Smith, you know the cameras are on, right?  I’m not the squeamish type, but even I got a little nauseous listening to Shepard Smith interview Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma about the pictures of Osama bin Laden post CIA/Navy Seal raid on the douchebag terrorist’s compound.  Which question did I not really want to know the answer to?  There are so many to choose from, but I’d have to say that when Shep asked, “What part of his head was missing?” I thought the veteran FOX studio geek may have gone a little too far.  His most head scratching question?  “What was he wearing?”  Clearly, Sheppard meant to ask, “Who was he wearing? Was it Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, who?”  Oh, wait! It doesn’t matter how you ask about his wardrobe.  It’s still an asinine question. 

I don’t watch a lot of news on television these days.  I prefer to get my news from the interwebs.  This may be the typical line of questions reporters ask these days.  I can’t say for sure, but if it is, I applaud my own decision to give up on TV news. 

BTW – is it a right wing media thing to spell the al qaeda’s leader’s name Usama and a left wing media thing to spell his name Osama?  If we can’t agree on how to spell the number one enemy to the United State’s name, what hope is there for us to come together on any other issue in this country.  Yikes!

Vote Walken

The mainstream media would have you believe that this election is over.  That a certain charismatic candidate has charmed the American people into a state of pre-election frenzy of hope & change, that the mere act of voting is wholly unnecessary because their candidate will simply ascend to the throne of U.S. Presidency like some angelic entity that is more ethereal than human. 

Vote Now!  Vote Cowbell!

Vote Now! Vote Cowbell!

So, I’m sending out this plea far and wide.  Don’t believe this election is over.  Our candidate can still win.  All you have to do is vote Walken on Tuesday.  If you want more cowbell, this is the only way you’re going to get it.  The other candidates aren’t even talking about cowbell.  Why?  Because they have no cowbell plan.  It’s all war and taxes with those other presidential hopefuls.  Only Walken wants you to have your cowbell.  Let freedom ring!  (In this case freedom is a metaphor for cowbell.  Get it?)   



Bigfoot Hoax Body eBay bid is $200,000 and Rising

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

The folks who brought you the non-story of the year are back. Loren Coleman of Cyrptomudo fame is reporting that Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer have made a deal to auction off the original fake Bigfoot body and its deep freeze coffin. Alledgedly they are in the hole by as much as $50,000 to some unnamed Indiana businessman who thought he was buying a real Bigfoot body. All civil action will be dropped against the Georgia duo. Obviously they will raise quite a bit more than the $50K they owe. They will not be keeping the remaining amount raised. Any money above and beyond the $50K will be used to fund Joshua Warren‘s Hoax Investigation Museum.

I have no idea what the Hoax Investigation Museum is, but it is going to be an extremely well-funded museum.

**UPDATE: The bidding closed at $250,283.00.  Part of me suspects we will learn the auction was a hoax.

Buy Bigfoot’s Head

Head in a Box

Head in a Box

Let the bidding begin.  An ebayer knows a good hoax when he sees one.  Seems someone from California is doing his best to capitalize on the dynamic Georgia duos hoax-tacular ways.  He’s made a duplicate head of the fake dead Georgia Bigfoot and put it up for auction on ebay.  It comes with its own custom cooler case and everything.  The last I looked the bid was up to $600.  Wait a minute he’s from California?  Tom Biscardi is from California, and he’s out $50,000… nah, couldn’t be


Click here to see the head for yourself: Dead Bigfoot ACTUAL HEAD!!!!    

Georgia Bigfoot Body Saga not Over – Whitton and Dyer are Back

Theyre Back!

They're Back?

***UPDATE: I’m saving the original post, but be advised rickmat.org is not the real Whitton and Dyer.  Ironically, someone is hoaxing the hoaxsters.  But on my part, I don’t want to sully their good names by suggesting they would be making false claims about saying they have a fake dead bigfoot that is actually a real dead bigfoot that they are protecting through issuing a fake claim that it isn’t real… or something like that.    

Well, this Bigfoot body thing might not be over. Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer apparently aren’t going to go away quietly. They’re making new claims today that what we’ve been hearing about them isn’t true. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Once the ball was rolling with Tom we had more second thoughts. Especially since we were receiving offers in excess of ten million dollars for the body. This really got our attention and made Tom’s offer and ideas look really sorry. But the thing that really sent us on the strange road was the blacked out window vehicles that started following us and our family members. Someone also broke into our houses and a garage where we store our hunting gear. Things were really getting out of hand and the ride hasn’t stopped!

And then this:

I won’t address all the lies being told about us right now but be certain we didn’t intend dupe anyone or rip off anyone. We are simply trying to survive right now and find someone who can help us end the nightmare portion of this saga. We really screwed up by following through with the press conference and delivering the fake Rickmat to Tom’s guys, but it was the only thing we could think of to buy time until we could secure a deal with one of the other more reputable bidders (can you say Ripley’s).

This is nothing if not entertaining. They certainly know how to milk their 15 minutes of fame. I do agree with one thing they said. They do need help. You can read the entire post here: Don’t Believe Anything You’ve Read or Heard

BTW – At least one of the Georgia duo has visited this site and left a comment. That’s how I found their website. Feel free to leave them a message in the comments below.

***UPDATE – The boys confessed to it being a hoax on an Atlanta news station.  Click here to watch the video.

So, either the website was created by some posers or they’re just really, really stupid.  It’s impossible to tell with these two. 

Tom Biscardi Calls Bigfoot Body a Hoax – Claims He was Duped!

The Rubber Monster!

The Rubber Monster!

Bona fide Bigfoot bozo, Tom Biscardi claims he was duped by the North Georgia brain trust of Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer. According to Biscardi, he paid money to Whitton and Dyer so one of his colleagues could have access to the body and collect samples. When the body was thawed, the only samples to be had were made of synthetic hair and rubber because, as most of the sane world had all ready determined, it was a costume. What makes matters worse; Whitton and Dyer are now nowhere to be found.

There is one major problem with Biscardi’s new story. He said on several occasions that he touched the body himself. He saw it. He smelled it. How can he now claim that he didn’t know that the body was actually a costume?

I know this story is such a waste of time, but I can’t help myself. It’s like watching a really bad soap opera. The storyline is so unbelievable it’s compelling.

Bigfoot Body Revealed to Be Halloween Costume

***UPDATE – Fox News Report (Someone’s in denial)

BTW – Reports are that Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner is filing the paperwork to fire Whitton. His quote: “Once he perpetrated a fraud, that goes into his credibility and integrity,” Turner said. “He has violated the duty of a police officer.”

***2nd UPDATE – RickMat website

Whitton & Dyer threw up a website shortly after the press conference. They make some very interesting claims. Here’s the site. I encourage you to leave them a message:

Rickmat is Bigfoot