New Kindle Contest

I’m sending out the email today for the new Kindle contest. If you missed the last one, now is your chance. It’s a drawing. It’s fun. It’s free, and best of all, a free Amazon Kindle is at stake. More to come. Keeping watching.

I’ll be posting the rules on this blog a week from today.

The Winner or the Kindle Contest Sends Photographic Proof of Her Kindled Euphoria!

Stephanie and her new pimped-out Kindle!
Stephanie and her new pimped-out Kindle!

I asked Stephanie, the winner of the Kindle drawing, to send me a picture of her enjoying the ultra-cool digital reader. Here she is with the Kindle to which she added her own style to make it uniquely Stephanie. Here’s what she had to say in her email:

I am attaching a photo of me and my much loved Kindle. You may notice that I have applied a wood burl patterned skin to the device.

The wood burl patterned skin is cool, but this could cause problems with termites… Sorry I didn’t have to go there, but I did.

Next week I will be announcing the new drawing. If you participated last time, you’ll be getting an email from me making the announcement and explaining the rules. If you would like to get the email alert, contact me at