Have a Scary Mary Poppins Sunday!

Had a great weekend in Wilmington, NC.  Beautiful little coastal town plus we got to kick back and shoot the breeze with family and friends.  Much too tired to write something clever for the blog so here is a little Scary Mary Poppins for you.  They so should have done the movie like this.

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Best Hidden Camera Moment

For my money, this is one of the most entertaining moments caught on tape.   You’re in the back seat of a van.  The driver picks up a stranger on the side of the road.  You discover the stranger is carrying a head in a bowling bag.  He stabs the driver.  What do you do?  I think we’d all like to think we’d react like the guy in this video.

Well, in a matter of six hours they took down the clip I originally wanted to showcase.  It’s a classic.  Here’s the second best.