The Georgia Bigfoot Body Duo – They’re Back & They Say They’re For Real This Time

Ive got an idea on how to get another 15 minutes of fame.

"I've got an idea on how to get another 15 minutes of fame."

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two Georgian bigfoot hoaxers who pulled the wool over no one’s eyes except the mainstream media last year, are back and crazier than ever. They are planning on celebrating the one year anniversary (August 15) of their bigfoot body prank with the unveiling of “real” proof of bigfoot. Allow me to invoke the spirit of Seth Meyers from SNL Weekend Update when I say, “Really? You put a rubber suit in a freezer, and sent possum guts out for DNA analysis last time, but this time you have ‘real’ proof. Really?”

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Enhanced Footage of Yellow Top Bigfoot in Colorado

I posted video of what has been dubbed the Yellow Top Bigfoot last week, and I have to say I was somewhat skeptical.  It’s a video of something on two legs stepping into a small clearing and then disappearing very quickly behind some trees.  The guys who put the video together are filmmakers of sorts, and given the Georgia dead body fiasco last year, I tend to disbelieve any claims of so-called bigfoot evidence.

The guys from the Rocky Mountains are back with an enhancement of their video clip.  It is below.  Here’s my question, the animal is clearly not done making its appearance at the end of the video clip.  Where’s the rest of the footage?  What happened after the creature stepped behind the thicket of trees?  Did the cameraman decide he had enough footage and just went home?  If so it’s a very strange decision when you consider he has the opportunity of a lifetime to tape  what would be the greatest zoological find in the history of zoological discoveries.  Forget enhanced footage.  How about just the rest of the footage?  I’d be happy with that.

BTW – You can visit their website, Yellow Top Bigfoot Sightings, for their analysis of the footage.