Shell Oil Captures Video of Alien Squid 

Yikes! Remind me to never go a mile below the surface of the Ocean. The calamari looks like it may take its revenge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Burning Books

I’ve been obsessing a bit about the subject of banning books ever since the mother on Amazon said she wanted to burn my book because she was so offended by the “Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts…” We all see the world differently, and I can’t fault her for her opinion. As I said, she can raise her children as she sees fit, but I am a bit mystified. The Oz Chronicles is about the cost of intolerance and the power of forgiveness. It is about a 13-year-old boy who brought about the end of the world because of the horrible way he treated a classmate with Down syndrome. The series reflects his journey as he tries to redeem himself and bring back the world. Yes, there is “Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts…,” but I’m pretty sure you could say the same of the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, The Oz Chronicles is not a religious or Christian series. It’s a just a story where good battles evil. The good guys don’t always do the right thing, and the bad guys sometimes do good things.

I realize my books aren’t the first to be misunderstood. And I’m not too terribly upset about this woman’s opinion. As I said before, I hope she spreads the word. I could use the publicity, but I do wonder how she reached the conclusion that she did. Oz is just a poor kid who’s fighting to get back home to see his parents.

I’m not sure when teaching kids the cost of intolerance and the power of forgiveness became a bad thing.