Why Jay Cutler Sucks

A quote from Mr. Cutler after being picked off 4 times in a single game by DeAngelo Hall:

“I’ve played against [Hall] before — there’s no reason to shy away from him. That’s hard to say after throwing four picks at a guy, but if we had to play him tomorrow, I’d go at him every time.”

Me thinks I know why he’s thrown 70 interceptions in 4 and half NFL seasons. BTW – That kind of diminishes Halls achievement.  Apparently, picking off a Cutler pass isn’t that hard to do.   Yes, you read correctly.  In 59 games, Jay Cutler has thrown 70 interceptions.  By random comparison, Tony Romo has thrown 62 in 82 games, and Vince Young has thrown 41 in 51 games.  Cutler is averaging almost 1.2 interceptions a game.  That means Chicago can count on their opponents getting at least one extra possession a game if he just throws his average number of interceptions.  Is there any way the Bears can get Kyle Orton Back?

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