My experimental writing method that seems to be working

I’ve been trying something new with my writing sessions that’s been somewhat revolutionary for me. I used to sit down at the computer and write until I couldn’t write anymore. Hours would pass and on a good day, I would maybe get out 1500 words. Most of the time it was just 1000. I decided to try interval sessions. I write 500 words and take a break. I’ll either spend 30 minutes to an hour eating or exercising or writing a blog post, something to get my mind off of the book. After the break, I come back and write another 500 words and then break again. The first week using this method, I was cranking out 2700 words a day. Now I’m doing over 3300 words a day. It really has removed the pressure of writing “a lot” of words. For some reason, my mind can deal with 500 words at a time much better than write until you can’t write any more in one sitting. I like it so much that I’m toying with a crazy resolution to write six books next year using this method. The most I’ve done is two in a year. I’ll keep you posted on that.