That gigantic sigh of relief you hear…

Lost Days - The Bigfoot book for young adults

Lost Days - The Bigfoot book for young adults

…is me because I just emailed the edited “Lost Days” manuscript to my agent. I enjoyed writing it. Hopefully she’ll enjoy reading it. As always, I am open to changes and tweaks because last I checked, I’m not prefect perfect.

I set out to write a book about Bigfoot for young adults, and to some degree, I accomplished that. However, Bigfoot is not the central theme of the book. In fact, the big guy doesn’t even make his first appearance until the last third of the book. This book is more about the struggles of an awkward teenage girl as she tries to survive school, her parents’ divorce, and a crazy uncle.

As far as Bigfoot, I took some liberties with the legend and lore of the gigantic cryptid. I applied behaviors typical of any wild primate and attributed them to Bigfoot, including unpredictable violent behavior. Does it work? I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from my agent.

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