This fan video for Hunger Games is infinitely better than Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Okay, admittedly it’s not saying much that this fan video for Hunger Games is better than Rise of the Planet of the Apes because… well, Apes is just a bad movie. I am an Apes fanatic, so it pains me to say such a thing, but the movie just isn’t that good. I enjoyed it because of my affinity for all things Apes, but the hype about this movie is so not deserved. The entire audience laughed at some key dramatic moments in my local theater. It wasn’t pretty.

Back to this fan video – If you haven’t read any of the three books in Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series, you should. In my opinion, they are the best young adult books on the market today, better than Harry Potter, and… do I have to say it? Okay, the Hunger Games books could take a crap that is a better series than the Twilight books.
This fan video is by a production company called Mainstay Productions. They are a professional outfit out of Utah, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a “fan” video, but they weren’t paid for their efforts, and they’ve paid a wonderful homage to the books so technically it is a fan video. If only I could get them to do a video for The Takers… but I digress. Here’s the video that is based on the second book.

Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King actually agree on something!

Stephen King, a vocal critic of Stephenie Meyer, has actually found common ground with the woman who didn’t write a series of vampire books (C’mon, those were not vampires. Vampires can’t go out in the sun. They have fangs. They can’t get near garlic… I digress) The two mega-author-gazillionaires agree that Catching Fire (the Hunger Games sequel) by Suzanne Collins is an excellent book. I was actually at BEA where Collins was doing a signing and giving out free Advanced Reader Copies (ARC), but I couldn’t make it to the signing. I could have thrown my blogger weight around with the publisher, but they would have laughed at me. They may have even held me down and given me a red belly. Who needs that? I’m sure I can find a copy somewhere. I smart. I can do things…Anyway, the book trailer has been released, and it is cool!

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