Win a Free Kindle 2 – Video

I guess the word is getting out because the inquiries about the Kindle 2 are flooding in.  Here’s a link to the contest rules.  You should know it doesn’t cost anything to participate, and it’s extremely easy to qualify.  If you know your apes, you’re in.  Here’s a video of what you could win:

New Kindle Drawing

Winner Announced!  Click Here

Time for me to give away another Kindle (maybe two). This drawing is a little different than last time. This time it’s more about the video. I didn’t create the video. It was done by a group in Toronto, Canada. I want to make sure their hard work is seen by as many people as possible. I may be biased, but I love it. As always, no purchase is necessary. Here’s the qualifying question (make sure to read the rules that follow very carefully).

Qualifying Question: What species of nonhuman primate appears in the video?

Important Links:

The video –

The book: PDF –

The book: Paperback –

The official Kindle Contest email address is

To Qualify – Identify the type of primate in the video (chimpanzee, gorilla or orangutan). If you respond with the correct answer, you will be entered into the drawing. Please send me an email with the subject line “I know the primate.” If this is not the subject line, your answer will not be accepted. In addition, if you earned spread the word bonuses for the last competition and you provide the correct answer to the qualifying question, the spread the word bonuses will rollover to this drawing.

Names – You must provide your first and last name. If you did not enter the last Kindle Drawing please let me know in the email.

How to earn 10 bonus entries – Tell me the name of the character in the book that the primate in the video represents.

How to earn 5 bonus entries – Enter “Never say their name!” in the comment section of the Youtube page (not my blog). Put your first and last initial in comment section to identify yourself. Here’s an example of how it would look if I left a comment: “Never say their name! – RR”. Be sure to let me know in the email that you have entered the comment on Youtube so I can track your bonus points. In addition, make sure I know your initials.

Spread the word bonuses – for each person that sends me an email telling me you told them about the contest, you get a bonus entry. As was done for the last drawing, the people you are telling about the competition should have the subject line “Loop me in on the Kindle Contest” on their emails.

Kindles? – If the video receives 5,000 views, I will be giving away a second Kindle for this drawing. In this case, if you win the first one, you will not be eligible to win the second one.

How to be disqualified – if you give the answer to the qualifying question in any public forum, blog, message board, website and/ or email, I will disqualify you from the competition. How will I know? Trust me, I’ll know. I have found that the entrants themselves have been a great source of information.

Dates – Entries will be accepted until March 15. The actually drawing will be on March 30