Bigfoot in Minnesota and Illinois

A lot of you have been visting the blog today looking for the trap cam picture of the Minnesota Bigfoot, and you have no doubt been disappointed by not finding it here.  Prepared to be even more disappointed because I have the picture and it’s… well, see for yourself (BTW – Thanks to Lula Brown for point this out to me).

Bigfoot or big hoax?

Maybe this video of a Bigfoot attack in Illinois will leave you with some satisfaction.

Hungry for more?  Read the book.

Prepare to come face to face with a legend!

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New Bigfoot Video

Is it the big ape or just a really hairy redneck? I have my opinion, but it’s just an opinion. It’s not based on anything other than gut. BTW – this is the really cool thing about writing science fiction/fantasy type stuff. I get to keep abreast of all this crap, and not be considered a total freak. I’m doing it for my art and job. It’s all in the name of research. Don’t Judge. And to give credit where credit is due, I initially found this video on Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo blog.

Update:  Wow, the video has already been removed!  What up with that?

Update 2: It’s back up!  Why are they playing with my emotions like this?  I won’t be treated this way!

I’m messin’ with Sasquatch!

Someone needs a bra... and a shirt!

Someone needs a bra... and a shirt!

Call me kooky, but I love these stories. Loren Coleman runs a great site called Cryptomundo. I find myself over there quite a bit lately because I’m writing Lost Days, a YA book that includes a storyline that involves Bigfoot. For those of you who don’t know, cryptozoology is the study of unknown or hidden animals. Coleman is one of the leading cryptozoologist in the world today. His book Bigfoot! : The True Story of Apes in America is one of my primary sources for my fictional Bigfoot. I highly recommend it. Very entertaining and educational.

I found this post on his blog, Sasquatch, 1935. It’s a reposting of a Fresno Bee story from 1935. Here’s a quote:

The giants walked with an easy gait across the swamp flats and at the Morris Creek, in the shadow of Little Mystery Mountain, straddled a floating log which they propelled with their long, hairy hands and huge feet across the sluggish glacial stream to the opposite side. There they abandoned the log and climbed hand over hand up the almost perpendicular cliff at a point known as Gibraltar and disappeared into the wooded wilderness at the top of the ridge. They carried two large clubs and walked around a herd of cattle directly in their path.

The reason I find this so interesting is because in my research I’ve found that people think that Bigfoot first made his appearance in 1958 when a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew discovered prints around his worksite in Humboldt County, California. There are indications now that a man named Ray Wallace may have left those footprints as a prank. It got out of hand when the story spread across the county. People now point to that incident as conclusive evidence that Bigfoot is a fake. While that story made national headlines, it’s not the first appearance of the big ape. Turns out recorded sightings go back much farther. Here’s a link with a pretty comprehensive list of sightings throughout history of the U.S.

I have to tell you that I am having a blast writing this story. If the big bipedal ape is a fake, it has been an incredible coordinated hoax that has lasted centuries and involved inhuman capabilities by the perpetrators. Real or fake, I love the drama.

Bigfoot Hoax Body eBay bid is $200,000 and Rising

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

Real Cold Hard Cash for a Fake Dead Bigfoot

The folks who brought you the non-story of the year are back. Loren Coleman of Cyrptomudo fame is reporting that Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer have made a deal to auction off the original fake Bigfoot body and its deep freeze coffin. Alledgedly they are in the hole by as much as $50,000 to some unnamed Indiana businessman who thought he was buying a real Bigfoot body. All civil action will be dropped against the Georgia duo. Obviously they will raise quite a bit more than the $50K they owe. They will not be keeping the remaining amount raised. Any money above and beyond the $50K will be used to fund Joshua Warren‘s Hoax Investigation Museum.

I have no idea what the Hoax Investigation Museum is, but it is going to be an extremely well-funded museum.

**UPDATE: The bidding closed at $250,283.00.  Part of me suspects we will learn the auction was a hoax.