Secretary of College Football, Orin Hatch

From Obama to Orin, the college football playoff system has been passed!

From Obama to Orin, the college football playoff system cause has been passed!

Yippee! As frequent visitors to this blog my recall (and I know both of you), I cast my vote for Obama based on one very important issue. He was in favor of a playoff system in college football. Stupid? Yes, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Granted, he’s had more important things to deal with since he got in office, but I am happy to announce that Senator Orin Hatch has taken up the mantle, and is heading a congressional committee that will be looking into the current BCS system. I am so happy I could cry. My vote was not wasted. Obama put it on the table, and Hatch crossed party lines to help slay the current unfulfilling system in college football. Good on you, Orin. Many of you will scoff and say there are more pressing matters to deal with right now, but I humbly disagree for completely selfish reasons. I want at college football playoff system!

Obama is right. We do need a playoff system in major college football.

Yes we can... have a playoff system in major college football!

Yes we can... have a playoff system in major college football!

Confession time – The morning of the presidential election, I was evenly split on the two candidates. Not because I really liked both candidates, but because I was really indifferent towards both candidates. I should point out that I am really unhappy with both political parties so I have no loyalty towards either one. Party affiliation didn’t factor into my vote at all. My enthusiasm for one candidate grew immensely just before I walked out the door to vote, and as you will soon learn, it was for the dumbest reason possible. I had Sports Center on and was about to turn the TV off when they announced the two candidates would be on after the commercial break. I stayed to see if they could say anything to sway me one way or the other. Chris Berman conducted the interview, and it was not hard hitting stuff. Basic mumbo-jumbo about sports heroes and favorite teams, blah, blah, blah. He ended the interview with the question “If you could change one thing in sports, what would it be?” McCain gave the predictable “steroids in sports” answer. But Obama hit a homerun (pardon the sports metaphor). He said he would create a playoff system in Division IA football. My heart skipped a beat. I moved closer to the TV. I listened intently as he explained why he thought the current BCS system is ludicrous. “Go on,” I said. “I’m listening.” The rest is a haze. I think he went on to say that the fans deserve a system that would give them a true national champion. In my mind, I think he even said my name. In fact, at that moment, I pictured Obama and me sipping on a couple of beers at the local sports bar discussing the perfect play-off system. In other words, he had me at playoff system. I couldn’t get to the polls fast enough to vote for Obama.

Stupid, right? There’s a war. The economy is in the dumper. Unemployment is on the rise. Russia hates us again. Oil prices are jumping all over the place. None of it mattered to me as much as hearing a candidate for president of the United States say he wants a playoff system in major college football. Does he have the authority to change the system? No. That doesn’t matter. The fact that he looked me in the eyes (through the TV), and said “Those facocta college presidents are out of their minds for shoving the BCS down the fans’ throats” was reason enough for me to give him my vote.

Dan Wetzel has a great article on Yahoo! Sports with an excellent playoff system proposal. And as he points out, it’s nothing new. It’s the same system the NCAA allows for all other divisions. There’s no reason it can’t work for the top division in football. If you know a president of one of the major colleges, send them a link to the article. And let them know, that POTUS is now part of the playoff crowd. YES WE CAN!