Russell Wilson gets away with block in the back to help beat Redskins

The day John Riggins retired from the Washington Redskins I stopped being a Redskins fan.  In fact, in last nights playoff game I was pulling for the Seattle Seahawks, and they were clearly the better team.  But that doesn’t change the fact that the Seahawks benefited from a blown call in route to a 24-14 victory over Washington.

Marshawn Lynch ran for a 27-yard score with 7:08 remaining in the game.  It was a fantastic run that was made even more compelling because Lynch’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, threw a key block that allowed the running back to score.  TV announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were duly impressed by the rookie QBs gutsy play.  And, it was gutsy.  It was also a penalty.  Missed in the excitement of the score and the unusual lead blocker was the fact that Russell Wilson committed a “block in the back” penalty that should have negated the score and moved the Seahawks back 10 yards from the spot of the foul, the six-yard line.


Russell Wilson leads the way with an illegal block in the back!

By my calculations, that means the Seahawks should have had it first and ten at the 16-yard line instead of a touchdown.   It’s a fairly significant non-call because the Seahawks were behind 14-13 when they scored.

What does all this mean?  Nothing except that it may demonstrate further that the Seahawks are a team of destiny this year.  They benefited from a bad call by replacement refs earlier in the year in  a game against the Packers.  Green Bay intercepted a ball in the end zone with no time left on the clock only to have a replacement referee inexplicably call it a touchdown for the Seahawks.  Without that win, it’s possible the Seahawks wouldn’t make the playoffs.

I happen to think Seattle is the team with the most momentum remaining in the playoffs, and I’m predicting they will beat the Falcons next week, but it’s still fun to piss off the Seahawks faithful with speculations of what could have been had the referees not missed that call.

Marshawn Lynch demonstrates why I love football!

I watched and waited for the Saints to complete their comeback against the lowly Seahawks on Saturday like most football fans, including those who support Seattle.  It was just a matter of time.  The Seahawks’ offense had stalled.  They couldn’t get anything going, and New Orleans seemed to have the momentum. Plus, Drew Brees is a master at orchestrating last minute winning drives. Then at about the 3:39 mark in the 4th quarter, Matt Hasselbeck handed off to Marshawn Lynch in the hopes of picking up a few yards and burning some time off the clock.

Lynch had other plans.  He broke eight tackles and ran 67 yards for a touchdown, putting the game virtually out of reach for the Saints.  It was one of those moments where you don’t have to be a Seahawks’ fan to be in awe.  It was unbelievable.   Lynch didn’t just avoid tacklers.  He destroyed them, particularly Tracy Porter.  The Saints cornerback took an angle on the Seahawks running back and looked like he was about to make the tackle.  Lynch stuck out his arm and put Porter flat on his back.  One can’t help but feel sorry for Porter today.  The only consolation he has is that seven of his teammates suffered a similar fate when they tried to tackle Lynch.  Thank you, Marshwan Lynch for reminding me why I love football!  Someone recorded the run on their TV.  The NFL may have Youtube take it down, but hopefully they’ll let it slide.  Watch and enjoy if you didn’t get to see it.

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Crap! You’re going to make me defend Tim Tebow, aren’t you?

Look what you made me do! You made me put a Florida Gator on my blog! Cruel, cruel people!

I am no Tim Tebow fan.  In fact, I don’t like the guy, but I don’t like him because I’m a Tennessee fan, and my Vols could never beat him in his four years at Florida.  I respect him.  The kid can play football.  The kid can play quarterback.  He’s a leader with tremendous athletic ability.  He’s smart.  He’s the type of quarterback that can put the team on his back and will them to victory.  And this isn’t just hyperbole.  His stats back it up.

  • 9,285 Career Passing Yards
  • 88 Career TDs
  • 16 Career Interceptions
  • 66% Career Completion Percentage
  • 2,947 Career Rushing Yards
  • 57 Career Rushing TDs
  • 2 SEC Championships
  • 2 National Championships
  • 1 Heisman Trophy

Keep in mind, he did this while playing in the SEC East.  The guy put up Play Station type numbers in the toughest conference in college football.  I’m tired of hearing the pundits and experts saying he’s not going to make it in the NFL.  He’s got bad mechanics.  He’s awkward under center.  He made bad decisions in the Senior Bowl.

1.) Bad mechanics?  Have you ever seen old film of Bernie Kosar play?  He threw sidearm.  His mechanics were unbelievably bad and he threw for over 23,000 yards in his NFL career.  He actually made the Cleveland Browns a decent team.  Eli Manning’s throwing mechanics are suspect, but he’s a former Super Bowl MVP.  This mechanics business is a lot of overblown nonsense.

2.) He’s awkward under center?  Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Gee, I wonder if there’s some magical way you can… I don’t know… do it in non-game situations and … you know, practice how to take a snap from under center.  Maybe someday they’ll invent this… practice and he can learn how to lineup under center.  Give me a break.

3.) He made bad decisions in the Senior Bowl?  You mean that game where he worked with his receivers for part of one week.  That game where his performance in practice was actually the lead story in a lot of sports casts.  By all means, let’s forget about the 88 TDs against only 16 interceptions he had in four years at the University of Florida.

Tim Tebow is a “legendary” college quarterback.  I don’t believe for a second that he can’t excel at the professional level.  If he drops to the third round, some team is getting a bargain.  Not only does he have the skills to make it, now he’s got incentive to prove everyone wrong. And even though I’m not a Tim Tebow fan now, I will be rooting for him in the NFL.  I will not be doing the Gator chomp, however.

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Don’t get caught up in the trendy Super Bowl pick!

A look into the future - Manning congratulating Brees on a good effort after the Colts beat the Saints 42-31 in the Super Bowl.

I’m living my life outside the blogosphere these days, so my activity is going to be a little spotty for a little while. That being said, I know you’re dying to know who I think is going to win the Super Bowl.  Okay, maybe not dying… maybe you have a passing interest… Okay, maybe you don’t care…. wow, that hurt.  Thanks for your support.

Any-who, for some reason the trendy pick among the so-called football experts is the New Orleans Saints, and I am baffled.  I have this feeling that they are picking based on sentiment and not facts.  I’m not going to make the same mistake.  The Colts will win.  I’m not even sure it’s going to be a close game.  Here’s why:

  • Peyton Manning – Do I really have to explain this?  He’s Peyton “Freakin” Manning. 
  • The Saints’ defense – They are ranked towards the bottom of all defensive stats with the exception of one, takeaways.  That’s how they’ve dictated the pace and outcome of a lot of their games this year.  You can’t game plan based on the number of interceptions and fumbles you’ll get. 
  • The Saints’ defense – I know I already said that, but by all indications the Saints are going to come after Manning.  That will work for a quarter, maybe two.  Eventually, he will figure it out and make you pay.  The Saints think they can hit Manning and get inside his head.  That works when you’re playing aging QBs who aren’t known for their cerebral play.  When you have a QB who’s greatest talent is his mind, it’s a sure fire way to get beat and get beat badly. 
  • The Colt’s Receivers – They are going to punish the Saints’ secondary.  Too much speed, perfect routes, you name it, the Colts’ receivers are superior in every way. 

Final score – Colts 42 – Saints 31

Green Bay got robbed or at the very least, they lost sooner than they should have!

I’m not a Packers fan, but the touchdown that won the game for Arizona should not have counted.  This video clip below clearly shows Aaron Rodgers being pulled down by his facemask. 

The real is question is whether or not the turnover would have counted.  I believe it would have.  The facemask technically came after the ball was out.  The Cardinals would have had the ball on the 35-38 yard line.  Would they have scored?  The way both defenses were playing I’d say it’s likely.

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Could the Buffalo Bills be moving to Los Angeles?

Meet the LA Tabbys! Meow!

Majestic Reality is planning on building a professional football stadium in Los Angeles.  And what team will call that stadium home?  They have a wish list of teams that they want to bring to the city of angels, and they don’t just want to bring one team.  They want to bring in two teams, at the top of their list – the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  What?    

I’m not a Buffalo fan, but let me say this as plainly as possible.  Majestic Reality, hands off Buffalo. Jacksonville you can have.  The city doesn’t seem to particularly care that they have a football team.  Take ‘em.  Change their names to the Los Angeles Pumas or Mountain Lions or Tabby Cats for all I care, but you cannot have the Bills.  I forbid it. They are a staple of that city.  Their fans brave frostbite and pneumonia to support their team.  They deserve to be an NFL city.  Buffaloites alone!

That is all. Here’s a link to the company that’s planning building the football stadium in LA: The Los Angeles Stadium

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The Colts made a mistake.

The smartest man in football may have pulled the bonehead move of the season in the NFL.

I admire the Colts President Bill Polian.  As much as one can be in the game of football, he is a genius.  He built a winning organization at Buffalo, and he was the man at the helm when the Carolina Panthers made it to the NFC Championship in only their second year in the league.  He knows football.  He knows talent.  He knows the NFL, and Sunday he spit on its history.  His Indianapolis Colts had the opportunity to pursue the ultimate achievement in the NFL, a perfect season.  Instead he devised a strategy that pulled his key players from the lineup by the fourth quarter, effectively giving the game to the New York Jets and ending a historical run at perfection. 

Ostensibly, it was done to protect the starters from injury as they head into the playoffs.  1.) I don’t buy it.  I think Polian believes that pursuing a perfect season was too much pressure to carry into the playoffs.  I think he believes his players will play loose and have more focus going into the games without the added stress of remaining perfect. 

If  we’ve learned anything this season, we’ve learned the Colts thrive on pressure.  In fact, they don’t seem to play with focus until the game is on the line and it’s do or die on each remaining possession.  I think Polian took away that sense of urgency that seems to give the Colts the edge. 

2.) The Colts have one more game in the regular season, and they get a bye week in the playoffs.  If Polian is concerned about injury to his key players, that means they won’t see any significant playing time in the last regular season game.  Manning and the gang didn’t look too sharp last week when they were in the game.  We’re looking at three weeks of a preseason type atmosphere for those key players.  Can you say “rusty?”  I don’t like where this headed.

Look, Bill Polian knows more about football than I could ever know if I lived three lifetimes studying the game.  That being said, I think he made a mistake for his team.  I think he disrespected the game, and I think he robbed the Indianapolis fans.  Bill as Ricky used to say to Lucy, “You got some splaining to do!”

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Congratulations, Hines Ward. You’re the biggest jerk in the NFL!

Great Wide Receiver! Even Greater Jerk!

This past week Hines Ward questioned the commitment and toughness of the quarterback who helped him earn two Super Bowl rings.  Why?  Because Ben Roethlisberger chose to follow the team’s medical personnel’s advice and sit out Sunday’s game because of a concussion.  Here’s what Ward had to say about that decision:

“This game [Sunday’s against Baltimore] is almost like a playoff game,” Ward told NBC’s Bob Costas. “It’s almost a ‘must’ win. So, I can see some players or some teammates kind of questioning like, ‘Well, it’s just a concussion. I’ve played with concussions before. I would go out there and play.’ So, it’s almost like a 50-50 toss-up in the locker room … I’ve been out there dinged up. The following week, [I] got right back out there.”

This is stupid on a couple of different levels.  Roethlisberger has played hurt many times in the past.  Questioning his toughness shouldn’t even be consideration.  The truth is admitting that you played with a concussion doesn’t make you look tough.  It makes you look like an idiot. 

What really bothers me is that the message that this sends to young players who look up to Ward.  Thanks to his comments they are now more likely to put their health at risk and play when they shouldn’t.  You can do serious permanent neurological damage if you decide to play through a concussion.

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This is very disappointing.  I used to like Hines Ward.

Genius, thy name is Peyton Manning.

The Genius!

At the risk of jinxing the guy, I have to say that I’ve been watching football for a couple of decades now, and I have never  before seen anyone master the position of quarterback like Peyton Manning.  I’ve always known he was good, elite even, but this is the first year I’ve thought he may actually be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.  I know.  I know.  There are quarterbacks with more yards and more championships and greater athleticism.  I get it.  I’ve seen a lot of them play to.  Joe Montana was a gutsy player that won championships.  Terry Bradshaw was a gator fed Louisiana boy that could sling the ball a country mile.  John Elway (my favorite) had an arm and the uncanny ability to scramble his way into big plays.  Marino was the best pure passer that ever lived, and yes, Tom Brady is up there to.  The guy wins.  You can’t take that away from him.

But Manning isn’t just winning.  He isn’t just piling up the yards.  He isn’t just collecting touchdowns like stamps.  He’s dictating the tempo and pace of the game all by himself.  To all intents and purposes, he is the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts.  How good is Manning?  He made Belichick go for one of the most ill-advised 4th downs I have ever seen.  Why?  Because he was so afraid of giving the ball back to Manning, he made the decision he had nothing to lose by trying to get the first down.  Teams aren’t just making defensive calls to try and stop Manning.  They’re making offensive calls to try and keep the ball out his hands. 

This past Sunday Houston had a 17 point lead on the Colts, and I promise there wasn’t a person watching that game who thought that was a big enough lead to beat Manning, not even the Texans.  Everyone knew that he would make up the deficit.  The question was how many receivers he would use to get there, and how many touchdowns he would actually beat them by. 

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Freaky Search Friday – October 9, 2009 Edition

"Dude, my feet are huge!"

"Dude, my feet are huge!"

Freak Search Friday is on!  This is the day of the week where I spotlight all the freaks who find my blog using their freakier than freaky search terms.  Yes, you’re freaks, but I love you!  It was actually hard to come up with 10 choices this week.  A lot of the searches had something to do with NASA’s evil plan to blow up the moon.  But I picked through the list and chose 10 that gave me pause, which is much better than giving me paws.

10 – zak bagans shirtless & Michael Vick Shirtless – Your male shirtless celebrities for the week.  Ed Asner appeared again, but I honestly don’t have the stomach to include it again.

9 – chanel fantasy movies – I had no idea that Chanel had expanded beyond perfume.  Hey, their movies can’t be any worse than SyFy original movies.

8 – comedy and old ladies – Because nothing says belly laughs like old ladies.  I’m sure they were not disappointed at all to find my Old Ladies on a Plane web series!

7 – florida plane lands championchips – There are so many things wrong with this search term it’s hard to know where to begin.  I will say nothing goes better with a cold beer than championchips.  And what, where, & why did this Florida plane land?

6 – batman sasquatch youtube – You thought Sasquatch was elusive .  Try getting any evidence of the Batman Sasquatch.

5 – my fantasy football team sucks – You are not alone, my friend.

4 – 4 yr old channels kurt russell, miracle – First, it was a good reenactment, but Kurt Russell still did a much better job.  No knock on the kid.  He was cute and entertaining, but Kurt’s been an actor for a long time.  He was on a Gilligan’s Island episode for Skipper’s sake.  You can’t discount training like that.  Second, I’m pretty sure that you can’t channel people who are living… Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t channel people at all.

3 – why nasa wants to blow up the moon – I got a lot of “NASA blowing up the moon” hits this past week.  I realize I contributed to the confusion by using the headline “NASA wants to blow up the moon!”  I was fairly certain that people would get the joke, but due to the nature of some of the search terms, I can say unequivocally that there are people on this planet who think that NASA actually wants to blow up the moon.

2 – nasa plane to blow up the moon – What is NASA the Taliban?  They’re flying planes into celestial objects now?  Plus, if NASA can fly a plane to the moon, what the hell are they doing hanging on to the Space Shuttle program?

And the number 1 freakiest search term used to find my blog is:

1 – who wants to blow up the moon? – The mice want to blow up the moon.  It’s their diabolical plan to get cheese to rain down on Earth!

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