Why there should only be puppies in the ocean!

Proof that man is not at top of the food chain!

Proof that man is not at the top of the food chain!

Why do people go in the ocean when there are giant creatures swimming beneath their feet that want to eat them? Humans on the surface of the water are basically floating hors d’oeuvres. Big, nasty, dinosaur type animals live in the deep blue sea.

Case in point: A British fisherman caught the biggest stingray ever caught with a rod. The winged demon weighed 770 pounds. Here’s an excerpt from the story in The Mirror:

British angler Ian Welch tussled with the monster ray for 90 minutes to secure it and then 13 men had to be recruited to heave it out of the water.

The massive 55 stone (or 771 lbs) stingray is almost five times the weight of freshwater biologist Ian (11.5 stone). Its body was 7ft long and 7ft wide and its tail measured 10ft. Its lethal venomous barb had to be wrapped in cloth while it was out of the water.

This is the biggest one caught by a rod and reel. I found another story where a 3,300 pound stingray was caught in a net. It was 16 feet wide. Are you kidding me? Those fish you find in aquariums in most Chinese restaurants freak me out. If whoever or whatever created this planet wants me to go in the ocean, he/she should put puppies in the ocean. That I can deal with.