Secretary of College Football, Orin Hatch

From Obama to Orin, the college football playoff system has been passed!

From Obama to Orin, the college football playoff system cause has been passed!

Yippee! As frequent visitors to this blog my recall (and I know both of you), I cast my vote for Obama based on one very important issue. He was in favor of a playoff system in college football. Stupid? Yes, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Granted, he’s had more important things to deal with since he got in office, but I am happy to announce that Senator Orin Hatch has taken up the mantle, and is heading a congressional committee that will be looking into the current BCS system. I am so happy I could cry. My vote was not wasted. Obama put it on the table, and Hatch crossed party lines to help slay the current unfulfilling system in college football. Good on you, Orin. Many of you will scoff and say there are more pressing matters to deal with right now, but I humbly disagree for completely selfish reasons. I want at college football playoff system!