Dr. Sykes hasn’t even begun DNA testing yet

"Yes, I have no DNA test results."

“Yes, I have no DNA test results.”

A few bloggers are reporting that Dr. Sykes has been getting test results that more or less match Dr. Ketchum’s results.  It’s not true for one very simple reason.  He hasn’t even begun testing samples yet.  The problem with bloggers is we sometimes use other bloggers as sources.  Worse yet, we report the chatter on messageboards as facts.  BAD BLOGGERS!

This is information comes straight from Dr. Jeff Meldrum on Facebook.

Well, I was on the phone with Bryan just a couple of days ago and he had not yet begun testing. When he does, he intends to do the initial screening with mtDNA loci. So the alleged leak story is vacuous.

Everybody just settle down. This will all be over soon. And please remember, soon is a relative term.

Oxford does irritating study on irritating phrases.

Oxford University did a “fairly unique” study on the most irritating phrases. “At the end of the day” “I personally” found it “absolutely” unnecessary. “It’s a nightmare” of a list that will haunt me “24/7.” “With all due respect” to Oxford, surely they could have found a better way to spend their time and money. “At this moment in time,” I think it’s something they “shouldn’t of” done. Let’s face it, “It’s not rocket science,” and therefore beneath this prestigious university.

Here’s your chance to weigh on their top 10 list of most irritating phrases.

BTW – They left out “I could care less.”  It’s irritating and incorrect.  It’s “I couldn’t care less.”