Author to Give Away Free Laptop – Skull-boy byline

Skull-boy Ace Reporter

Skull-boy Ace Reporter

Dateline Chucktown:  R.W. Ridley is  giving away a free laptop to promote the release of his new book, Lost Days!  Watch the video below and then join the Lost Days Facebook group!

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What Prize Would You Like to Win?

I’m considering doing a contest for my Oz Chronicles series. There will be five questions about the books, and the person who answers all five questions will when a prize. There will be a drawing in the event that more than one person answers the questions correctly. The only thing I haven’t figured out is what prize I’ll be giving a way. I’ve decided to leave that up to you. You can click here to help me choose a possible prize. Participating in the survey doesn’t mean you’re winning the prize you’ve selected. Don’t try any funny stuff. This is merely a fact finding mission at this point.