Bigfoot Has Big Hands, Too! (video)

This is a Blobsquatch!

Update:  Watch the slide show before the video.  The slide show features the frame with the finger and thumb.  I added some filters to the hand so you can better understand what I’m referring to.  People were having trouble seeing it in the video, and I realized that I’m so familiar with about 120 frames of this video that I could probably draw them from memory.  I see subtle changes.  Frame A goes from a fist to extended finger and thumb in Frame B, but you’ll only see that in the video.  You might not see it at all. Who knows?  Watch the slide show to know what to look for.

BTW – the gorilla image I use as comparison is similar but not exact.  The gorilla’s hand is lower on the face than the subject in the video grab.  The “ape” in the video grab is lowering his head and touching around where his temple should be.

One more BTW – This is all just my opinion. This is what I see and believe. I’m not offended if you’re not on-board. That’s totally cool.  I’m not real comfortable with abusive comments to me or anyone else on this blog, so voice your opinion, but be nice or I’ll give you the boot.

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This video footage of Bigfoot has consumed me the last couple of days.  I’ve got to get back on my writing schedule.  Actually, I have to double time it, now.

I posted a video earlier showing what I thought looked like the face of a Bigfoot that Canadian Sasquatch Tracker and friends unwittingly captured during a 4 hour hike. They posted 8:30 minutes of the hike which revealed someone or something throwing rocks at them. It happened over a dozen times.

I found something else in a shorter version of the video they posted. I found a hand. Not just a hand, but a moving hand. It’s just two frames, but it clearly shows movement. It shows a finger and what looks like a thumb. First, it has huge hands. Second, I may have been wrong about the position of his hands in the first video I posted. It appears now that the creature’s left arm is coming across it’s body and touching the right side of it’s face and head. It is hiding itself.

In my opinion, this is not a hoax. This is not a guy in a costume. This is not digital artifacts. This is not the wind or shadows and light. I’m now prepared to say this is Bigfoot or at the very least an unknown ape. I can’t say he’s bipedal because I can’t see his legs in this video. I’ve watched this video dozens and dozens and dozens of times. These animals have evolved to blend into their surroundings perfectly. They do not make sudden movements. This individual is squatting initially. It slowly and slightly ducks down to his left and lies on the sloping hill making one small mistake in his move to conceal himself. He hits a branch that moves a leaf independent of all the other foliage in the area. That’s what kept me coming back to video time and time again. I knew something was there. Something moved that branch. I was hoping it was whatever had just thrown a rock at the hikers.

Let me just finish by saying “Hello, Bigfoot. Nice to finally meet you.” There’s something there, but I can’t say for sure what it is.  I may have let my enthusiasm get the best of me.

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