Another Encounter with… Whatever You Want to Call It – Disembodied Voice

And the saga continues.  This is not an EVP.  I heard it!  It sounds faint, but it was right behind me…. in the room with me.  As you can see, it freaks me out.  BTW – I know I look like a whimp here, but what can I say, it really creeped me out. 

Enhanced Footage of the Black Mist Section

There is a white dot or something moving from the lower right corner of the screen to the upper left. It disappears into the black mist or whatever you want to call it. I must stress that THERE IS A LOGICAL EXPLANATION. I know it.

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Shell Oil Captures Video of Alien Squid 

Yikes! Remind me to never go a mile below the surface of the Ocean. The calamari looks like it may take its revenge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.