If The SEC Expands…

The Four Teams I'd Like to see Join the SEC

There’s been no indication from SEC officials that they are planning on expanding, but the folks that run the SEC don’t really care to be outdone, so I am of the mind that it’s just a matter of time.  Given that, I have four schools I would like the SEC to consider.

Southern Mississippi – It’s the largest college in the state of Mississippi, and they have a history of upsetting traditional powerhouses.

Louisville – They’ve fielded some outstanding players recently, and how great would it be to have Louisville and Kentucky in the same conference come basketball season?

University of South Florida – It’s an upcoming school in a talent rich state.  With Skip Holtz at the helm, they are likely to make some great strides.

Virginia Tech – I know they just joined the ACC, and it’s not really cool to raid another major conference (unless you’re the PAC-10), but how great would the rivalries be?  VA-Tech/Bama, VA-Tech/UT, VA-Tech/Florida, VA-Tech/Georgia.  I just think it’s a natural fit.

Alternates – I’d take Texas A&M, but the Texas lawmakers won’t let it happen unless Texas comes, too, and the PAC-10 seems to have the inside track.  I’d also take Kansas.  With Kentucky, Louisville, and Kansas in our conference, you’d be hard pressed to find a better basketball conference.  They’re not bad in football, either.  I’d consider West Virginia, too.  Memphis wouldn’t be a bad basketball add, but the football program is consistently mediocre.

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