The cutest animal that will terrify you

The hamster horror!

BTW – I’ve owned every small, fuzzy aquarium pet you can buy and here they are in order of “regrets that ever I tried to pick them up, and offer them unconditional love.”

1. Gerbil – Bites the second you lay a hand on it.
2. Hamster – Bites once you’ve cleared it of it’s enclosure.
3. Mice – Sniffs around your hand briefly, lulls you into a false sense of security and then bites the crap out of you.
4. Guinea Pig – May give you a nip when you try to put it back in its enclosure.
5. Rat – I’ve owned a couple of pet rats, and they’ve never bitten me. They are actually highly intelligent and very trainable. It’s as easy to train a rat as it is to train a dog. I have no regrets that I ever owned rats.