Have a Scary Mary Poppins Sunday!

Had a great weekend in Wilmington, NC.  Beautiful little coastal town plus we got to kick back and shoot the breeze with family and friends.  Much too tired to write something clever for the blog so here is a little Scary Mary Poppins for you.  They so should have done the movie like this.

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How the South was Lost

I post this video with all due reverence for my Southern brethren. I’ve lived in the South for 31 years, and I’ve lived in the cradle of secession for the past 13 years. I have never understood how the upper class in the South roped the poor and the working class into fighting the North in the Civil War. Most of the men who died on the Confederate side of the fight didn’t own slaves. Granted not because they were morally opposed to slavery, but because they couldn’t afford slaves. It really was a rich man’s war if ever there was one. So, why did these poor men fight? Not sure, but this video may explain why they lost.

The Ninja Give’s Advice to Writers

Okay, this old, but it is still funny.  The Ninja gives some advice on how to win the writer’s strike. Since the writer’s are sure to strike again, they should bookmark this video.  If you don’t know who the Ninja is, I can’t help you.  Seriously, he kills people who don’t know him.  I’m not kidding.  He’s a Ninja.  They do stuff like that.